What’s in your cup? The Drinking Thread


This one is pretty hardcore though. It’s a heavy one.



That’s my go to

great taste… high ABV%


Whoa, absolutely must try for me. Not sure if the SLC stores will have it. I usually go for Hop Rising, which is a 9% IPA local brew here.

That looks super tasty.

also +1 to numerical for bumping this classic thread.


Knocks me on my ass after 5, the 6th one is a struggle hahah



It’s Friday. Red wine all night for me. Sipping some Coppola. Great red blend.


yo you should marinate your food in red wine and have a drink of red wine to go with it :smiley:


Energy drink packed with amino acids and plenty of caffeine. The taste sure is artificial :stuck_out_tongue:


Sipping Lemon and Ginger Tea on a Saturday afternoon while working on a game project.


Any of you guys ever brew your own beer? Considering getting into the hobby. No idea where to start, but it sounds like a fun endeavor :slight_smile:


I’ve only ever brewed my own jenkem tbh


calls lifetime channel


TLC: My awesome addiction


I fuckin’ love capri-sun, the fairy one…

And coffee… black as my soul.


There was a rumor going around that Utah bars had to water down stronger beers. I take it was just that: a rumor.


I love me almost any beer with Imperial in it. I think the richness of stronger brews add a particular body to a good beer. IIPAs in particular gain a lot of malty mellowness to act as a canvas for what had better be some nice aromatic hops.

I’ve recently taken a renewed liking to Carlsberg Elephant. The Scandinavian style of Pilsner is somewhat unique in that it has all the hoppiness of an IPA, but none of the floral notes and that one has a nice cereal maltiness to it. Yumm!

Also great: Dogfish 90 minute Imperial IPA, which is what I just washed down.


I love almost any drink with alcohol in it, my own piss possibly included


I heard spiked leftover jenkem is pretty tite


Drinking vinegar shots because ph balance of my digestive system prevents nausea from dairy products also makes me feel like a self aware chemically reacting molecule