What’s in your cup? The Drinking Thread


This one is pretty hardcore though. It’s a heavy one.



That’s my go to

great taste… high ABV%


Whoa, absolutely must try for me. Not sure if the SLC stores will have it. I usually go for Hop Rising, which is a 9% IPA local brew here.

That looks super tasty.

also +1 to numerical for bumping this classic thread.


Knocks me on my ass after 5, the 6th one is a struggle hahah



It’s Friday. Red wine all night for me. Sipping some Coppola. Great red blend.


yo you should marinate your food in red wine and have a drink of red wine to go with it :smiley:


Energy drink packed with amino acids and plenty of caffeine. The taste sure is artificial :stuck_out_tongue:


Sipping Lemon and Ginger Tea on a Saturday afternoon while working on a game project.