What IDMF user's faces sound like

Have you ever wanted to listen to what a particular photo of your or any other member’s face sounds like?

Well, look no further, for I have just wasted the past few hours building a simple tool that takes an uploaded image (not uploaded to a server, it is all processed and generated locally in your browser), it linearly reads each pixel’s data, moving left-to-right, top-to-bottom and takes the average of the RGB values and modulates that with the Alpha channel. So if you applied a linear transparency gradient in the x-axis of an image from left-to-right, you’d hear the volume rise and fall y times in a sawtooth pattern, with each oscillation wavelength proportional to the sample rate. You could also add a linear gradient in the x-axis that starts at 0% opacity at 0x, 100% at 0.5x, and back to 0% at 1x for a triangle wave shaped amplitude modulation.

You can mess about with the sample rate to hear your face at different speeds, too.

So, nick a pic from this thread: Post a recent photo of yourself (IDMf's Most Hated Thread 2.0 Edition)

Then upload it to the working demo, linked below. Sorry, have no hosting setup at all for myself, so you’ll have to deal with JSFiddle, just ignore all the boxes with text in except the the box in the bottom right with the file upload field:

Warning: Only tested in latest Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Demo: https://jsfiddle.net/majestic12/vg9q305m/

Here’s the GitHub repo if anybody is so inclined.

Tomorrow, I’m going to add support to listen to individual colour channels, mapping colour channels to L/R channels, and probably the ability to download an audio file (depending on how time-consuming that becomes).


This is an epic idmf idea! cant wait to hear peoples faces…thats really fucked.ilove it!

Hahaha. Wow. Weird but cool idea.