What are your plans for tonight?


I will get me a good glas of Glenfiddich and try out some new VSTs.
Btw, any Synthwave creators in here?


Sofa, a few beers and some telly.


I’m in the UK, so 5 pm, is beer o’clock.


Beer won´t get me drunk. :joy:


Gonna be on an airplane, headed towards Dallas, TX for a week or so. :slight_smile:

So, probably some expensive airport drinks and literature in a cramped up death trap.



You’re gonna be on an airplane for a week?!

Thats’ one hell of a flight.


Yeah dude they told me it was gonna be a quick one, fuck

I should have asked my doctor for some xanax.

:stuck_out_tongue: :beers:


gonna get high as balls, finish GoT S8 and prep for a BBQ tomorrow (bank holiday Monday)…couldn’t make it the Detroit Electronic Music Festival so having a techno BBQ at my place…greens, baked beans, RIBS, brews…


Currently listening to some Autechre while doing a data science tutorial in python. Going through it pretty slowly, but it’s a really nice compliment to the intro stats class i’m taking at school.


Working as stage manager here tonight.


You should just do this in general, so should everybody :smiley:


I plan on going out with the wife for drinks and then coming home for some more drinks., which I will then likely piss somebody off on discord

Oh shit, and I still have some xannies left


Currently in Dallas TX. Humid as shit, 90 degrees all week. Probably going to slime out of the house and go creep some bars later :slight_smile:

Probably play some Chess with my father in law, been a while since I slung some pawns.


Might watch Star Wars for my birthday (because it was released on May 25th).

Went out for food and had one of my two drinks a year and some cigarettes (I can’t drink or smoke regularly due to a deficiency that causes it to be more dangerous for me than the average person - my other drink time is Christmas; when I get a bottle of rum :slight_smile: ), came home and took a nap.

Oh, and going to eat homemade orange accented yellow cake with creamcheese frosting and watch the Great British Bake Off - always good for some laughs.

That will probably round out the day. Maybe some summer sausage. :smiley:



Hey happy birthday my dude <3 :slight_smile:

Sending some good vibes your way!!



Hells. Yes. Xannies. Picked some up for myself yesterday evening.

In other news the techno bbq was a fun almost 40 rager. Low key but people got fuckered.


Locked into sub.fm listening to @Ghroth live set. Hardware live set.


Got’dang ya’ll…success! We had a damn blast and the illegal narcotics fairy visited with its presence. Even some of the neighbors setting fireworks came over to party and dance for a while. I love my neighborhood. It is just the right amount of…whatever…I wouldn’t leave my garage door open cuz the mower will get stolen, but I also know there won’t be a drive by. A friend dropped 1st of the Month and shit got crazy.

Goddamn recovery day turned into a mini after party as the people that slept over started making brunch from the leftovers. Then had to go to my parents big family thang on Monday still pretty twisted (I took Uber). Girlfriend showed up to that late after getting home from a trip.

Basically blacked out after we got home and have just been nursing myself back to health with party favor left overs today…


Well kids, that’s how you end up in the ER. That was phun


Holy shit! Get well soonđź‘Ť