What are you listening to?


Holy shit, fuck yeah!



found this via spotify. excellent.


So, 3 days into the funeral service for my dad, which as it turns out was only 30 minutes after starting, the lead cultist goes to stick on a CD. Yeh, CDs. Thats how far out of the world I’d traveled for this. At that moment I suddenly ear-wormed myself by wishing it would be this, even though the chances of this 300yo be-robed fossil even having heard of the Prodigy were about zero. Kept looking at the coffin hoping my dad would knock but his comic timing was never very good.

But hec, if the worst thing you can say about someone is that they were rubbish at jokes, they were probably alright, right? Defo right.

Here’s to you dad, because this is what I wish you’d kept on doing as I heard you exhale your last three weeks ago:

(Even though the rest of the song has bugger-all to do with that).


WC Olo Garb - new upload!






Thanks to @Goatbag


Man, xanopticon is so fucking good. Wish he’d make another full length. Liminal Space and Alembic shred so hard.


Dude. So much yes, that album is unreal. I used to torture my coworkers doing long drives to job sites by blasting that on repeat.


Its funny because I am just listening to this one now - I like it!


excellent choice. Not sure which album is their best but this one feels the right one for such thing.

next time play this



Holy shit this crotchduster album is hilarious lmao. Just what I needed to listen to at 6AM at work.


I think ‘California’ is actually their best one. My younger self always thought that ‘Disco Volante’ was their masterpiece, but as the years went by, I started realizing that a slightly more subtle craziness of California, paired with lusher production and just better overall songs made it a much stronger album. ‘Disco Volante’ just beats you over the head with all the insanity and constantly tries to pull the rug from under your feet. Whereas ‘California’ has much more refined transitions between the crazy sections and everything just flows a lot better.

Pure genius:


California hands down imho


This album really got me through some rough times… always managed to put a smile on my face. truly a masterpiece.