What are you listening to?


Ital Tek is one of my favorite artists of all time, but long gone are his days of “Nebula Dance” and Cyclical. Hallowed took literally 6 months on me before it finally “clicked” and I think I’m having the same issue with bodied.

Like… I know I’ll love it… I just don’t know why I don’t right now… haha.

Although my favorite track of his is Shinra, and “Cobra” off Hallowed was similar… so I think I just need to really focus on a couple Bodied tracks and get more behind what’s going on. They are very deep tracks, to me.


I can absolutely relate. Hallowed was a tough thing getting into for me as well. Nebula Dance is still my favourite to date. But Bodied is so much different and yet enjoyable on a different level.

Nonetheless I think it is a good thing that Ital Tek is evolving and not doing the same CD over and over again (although I would be glad to have a nebula dance 2.0).







Excellent indeed




Also go(o)d




this song pisses me off because it sounds almost exactly like some shitty cheesy 80’s pop rock song that i can’t remember. Like Styx or Trooper or something equally crappy.


I respect that quite a lot of people like Ghost but holy shit do they suck. It’s like Marilyn Manson; people somehow think they’re listening to metal because the imagery is dark

Also I think you were saying it sucks but if not I apologize for shitting on them here :smiley:






no need to apologise. I kinda liked them a few years ago, simply because i appreciated the strange dichotomy that they offered (poppy sounding tunes with a dark underscore of satanism) plus the imagery that they evoked was entertaining, in that Christianity and Satanism actually go hand in hand (being that you can’t have Satan without Christianity since Satan is a Christian construct)

but holy fuck…can we please leave 80’s pop rock on the damn classic rock station? please? there is absolutely no reason that ANYONE needs to revisit it.