What are you listening to?



Niiiiice find, and with the British theme version as well :slight_smile:

Still one of my favourite Animes ever.


The 3 U.K episodes are up on youtube too. I like the soundtrack, because it’s the Cyberpunk that remember first hearing. Synths and guitars. This is another brilliant album that’s very underrated. Got it on CD when it came out in 1993 and it still sounds effin cool today.


I’ve had the DVD for some time now but it comes with the original theme which is frankly wishy-washy but the Filmation UK conversion is rarer than pubes on a radioactive foetus (yeh fuck you Yank spellchecker :smiley: ) and at the time I bought it could not find it anywhere.

Yay YouTube.

Also I now need to dig it out and watch it again now you’ve prodded my drooping neurons :smiley:

Meanwhile, not quite on loop, but listening to:





REALLY??? :astonished:





Its nice opening the boxset without having to open the boxset.

Woot more Clutch:


I love this artstyle and the mood of the track. I like it when it doesn´t sound polished to the max.




I love that Juno album so much, was a total mainstay of my playlists for many years. Killer drop!


I love


Loved how he used a small space in his guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel to make a great scene out of it.