What about Peertracks?

It sounds too good to be true…

Oh yeah, I did a whole writeup on the old forum last year when their whitepaper came out. The gist of it was even though it isn’t their intention, it’s going to end up a lot like our listening booth, but with money.

EDIT: Make of that what you will, but that sounds terrible to me.


Where does the money come from? And why is it terrible? (Maybe the answer to the first question answers the second?)

IIRC (and I am working from memory that could be way off here) the money comes from the industry more or less sponsoring the site so that they can have an eye on consumer tastes and upcoming talent. So labels, publishers, hollywood, that sort of thing. But I think they’re only the seed, so they expect this to become a self-sustaining thing where people want to pay some amount to be allowed in, ads can support it, etc.

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OK … that makes sense. But do I understand it correctly that within the system, payments are some sort of Cryptocurrency? Redeemable in dollars? Somehow?

I’m interested in trying it but don’t want to waste my time if there’s no there there…