We Are the IDMfNetlabel


Damn, this thread got silly.

Re: the IDM thing. It’s always been dumb. Like, people were calling it insulting and stupid back when the phrase was coined, because it’s about the most fucking pretentious name in the world. But it stuck, and it’s a thing, and while it’s not really descriptive of what you’re about to hear, most people into EDM know what it is. It’s also old news, and the forum and label seem a bit past that single genre.

So rebrand it - the label and the forum. Pull the bandaid and just do it. Put a “from the assholes that brought you IDMf” label on it or something. But given the small amount of people that moved over to the new forum and the dearth of new members since it started, what do you have to lose? The big draw of the old spot was the huge repository of posts and information and music, and it’ll all gone. If things are going to keep going, we’re going to need to grow it from the ground up, and putting a fresh, new and broader name on it can’t hurt.

As the saying goes: cast a wider net and you’ll catch more dumbasses.