We Are the IDMfNetlabel


Out of all the addictions a person has to face… communicating with people who have a shared interest as you in your free time doesn’t even come up as a blip on the radar. Maybe if it affected your happiness or relationships with others it would be a problem, will be sad to lose a great kind hearted guy


I really hope you change your mind until then. Would be sad to see you go.


Fuck me Im such a drama queen. Peace yall.


We all are. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would have to agree with that statement, and add we all just have our unique way of expressing it :blush:


Wow this post went some places, now didn’t it!

At the end of the day the people who have been behind the scene’s helping with this site for years are tired of working on the label aspect of it, and moderating the forums.

Some of the users are expressing their dismay, but in very public forms. While noble, and discussing relevant points (as pertaining to one opinion) in poor form.

It’s easy to feel entitled to get answers for why we don’t get what we want, but when we are asking someone else who has been representing a company to explain themselves. Well… that’s a bit ridiculous.

I value the support this community has given to me at times, but to watch people get high and mighty is disturbing when you think of community. After all isn’t that what this is suppose to be? Our little hub? Our place where we connect to share, and help distribute our “intelligent dance music”?

I mean the term IDM was a bit of joke to anyone from back in the days who actually made what americans dubbed said music as being! but hell IDMF has been a huge support to many a head for years! Now they’ve decided to let go of the reigns and allow the community to help by being involved in the label, and all nuff people can do is make fuss?!?! wha gwan?!?!? get it together muppets!



Do not run off these people! They’ve been around here for years! some of them I remember from back 2009, or earlier! Not sucking any knobs… I think there’s brilliant heads from all angles, but be a part of the measurement so we can form a better union! Not some deformed art! Yuh dig! ** this statement is not at anyone, but at everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree… but we can do without the hammering from above of people who come up with new ideas because their motives for doing so are in question

That’s it


Everybody here should just come to my place and hash this out. I’ll put on Bobby Darin and some mood lighting. :stuck_out_tongue:

We all want the same thing.


I agree, we all want Pluto to be part of the original 9 planets of the solar system again



I might fick this up, but I’ll volenteer to chip in.
Heck, maybe I’ll learn something from @White_Noise along the way (I’m not great at mastering…bad is more accurate).

But, that’s not all there is to things and we all have varying skills. Mine’s more data analytics and creating procedural designs, and a dash of graphics design.

I can write a lot about shit if I’m interested in something, and if there’s a puzzle to figure out, fuck…I can spend a hell of a lot of time digging at it. Starting in 2015, I taught myself astrophysics by writing professors, folks at NASA, and reading all because I had a question and found there wasn’t an answer. Now I’ve written two papers and done a shitton of research analysis.

When I was 17, I wanted to know where the Gospels came from and no one knew. So I taught myself how to read ancient Greek, and Hebrew to a fair ability, learned textual analysis and textual anthropology and spent a decade and a half picking at my best educated guess of which cultures these things came out of given their construction and constitution.

The point here is that I’m someone who really sticks on something once I get bitten, and learning isn’t an issue for me.

If I can help, let me know what you would like me to focus on.

As for the name.
Keep it IDMF, but change the meaning? :wink:

Internet Dance Music Forum
I Do Music, Fuckers!
Idyllically Disenfranchised Music Forge
Idle Duck Mangled Flowers


Also…for whatever reason I stopped getting notifications for this thread (now wondering if there are other threads I’m missing), so if I seem absent again please message me in case I’m not getting notifications.

So…let’s do this crazy shit.
@relic @RFJ @Auto-meh-geddon - You guys rock. Thanks for keeping this place going!



Hey, that’s how I learned music and production and most of what I know about marketing! Oh, and cars and computers.

As for the name, I share concerns with Vlantis that changing it could really undo things. I assume we have some sort of reputation on the wider world of the web and changing our name erases that, whatever it may be. Even if our reputation is just the glue sniffers that think we’re better than everyone else, I’d rather be working from that than nothing.


Yeah, I honestly found idmf via google when I asked for a forum for intelligent discussion on dance music because when I looked around for forums on dance music, mostly I was left very well unimpressed.

I like the name because it says what’s in the can right on the lid: a dance music forum with intelligent conversation on the subject.

That’s how I take it, anyway.

Now…a brand logo redesign might be cool. :wink:



I still think that changing the name of the forum and label would work against us.
Anyway, let’s make it clear that we’re not (actually I as it seems as I’m the bad guy here) trying to burn the house down then make it look like it’s your fault, we got tired of constant nagging and fake complimenting like ‘this is great but we should do this this and that’, of beautiful posts for your own electoral campaign, of pm to mods to tell them what they should have done or that another mod had done something wrong, so we tried turning things around, there were lots of ideas, let’s try to push for people to act on them.
As for @nose I pretty much have no doubts that his heart is in the right place, we all know there is nothing to gain from helping with IDMf, my problem is with the constant (maybe just perceived as such by the mods) self promotion.


tbh i’ve had similar thoughts in regards to getting involved with idmf, the later being another reason as to why i’m abstaining from volunteering :wink:


About Date Night, please see below what I wrote in the opening post of Date Night:

How many PMs do you think I received?

Only 1 and not tell me “hey I was arranging (Collab Project Name here), I’d like to be on board to help with this release” but to let me know they were doing a collaboration.

Why running 1 official Collab thread, open to collaboration, remixes and supergroup instead of 3 separate ones?
Because having 1 only gives it more visibility, gets more submission, increase the chances of getting a good release done. On which basis am I assuming the other project would have gained enough traction for a release? Well, experience, maybe arrogance, but pretty much knowing that having multiple similar projects at the same time does not bring enough submissions for a release.

For similar reasons I’m not helping (or hindering) the Discord thing, I believe splitting the small IDMf thing in forum and Discord would not help. I know the purpose is not splitting, but offering a different way to communicate/collaborate, yet it would still drive traffic (let me stop you there, we have no ads, so don’t go there :slight_smile: ) away from the forum. I would rather see the forum side of things grow, and the label with it, than something branching out from the forum. But if you want to run it, just do it, make a clear post on the forum and we’ll pin it.

As stated many times in this thread, let’s move from “you/we should do this” to “Here’s a pm, I’d like to do this or here’s a new thread, I am trying to do this.”


Nice, looks to me as if there are more than enough volunteers to keep this going! :smiley:


[quote=“Automageddon, post:138, topic:943, full:true”]For similar reasons I’m not helping (or hindering) the Discourse thing, I believe splitting the small IDMf thing in forum and Discourse would not help.
I thought Discourse is the forum sopftware? But if you mean the IDMF Discord, tbh it’s much more active than the forum and the place where a lot if not most of the collabing for projects is happening.

I supported both the Versus and the Date Night thing, but opening date night without coordinating it with the versus guys just didn’t make any sense to me.


Sorry, i meant Discord.
As for Date Night, as I said above, it was an umbrella for 3 other projects, I opened the thread saying it and asking for the organisers of the other projects to get in touch. Nobody said anything…


I have no doubt it was in good faith and I don’t even say it was a bad plan! Just that some communication/coordination with PM or in the versus thread before making an official announcement about a new project would have been nice. “Are you guys interested in putting all of this effort into a new single project to channel all the interest?” or something like that. But sorry for bringing it up again, I don’t really want to put my finger on it, I just wanted to show that nostromer does have some points - imho, of course.


Tbh, I didn’t even think of it, I thought ah, 3 related projects, let’s give them a place and get them involved.