We Are the IDMfNetlabel


Who are you and what the fuck are you on about?


Hey, how about try reading the fucking thing I just typed.


Um - LOL?


Is that all you have? Um?


Assclowns bringing their high school level political theory into a discussion about a netlabel. Nice work.


High school level? says who? you?


You’re from the USA right?

Anyway who cares - you like to talk.


Lamo, what fucking difference does it matter where I am from. It doesn’t make what I said any less true

If you honestly think trying new things and adapting to new markets isn’t a viable strategy, what the fuck do you even know.


Honestly man, ideas are cheap. Everyone’s got an idea. Congrats!!!


Okay, I agree

But you don’t think its wrong to keep slamming on someone who clearly wants to try new things on a forum that is on the decline?

I don’t want to do anything but help the guy who wants to make changes. Not once have I ever tried to take any type of control or power.

you clearly came in at this whole thing wrong, like I said before try reading what I wrote


Honestly, that is the type of elitist mentality that is unproductive.


At this point I think the most intelligent thought in this garbage fire is: “what do we lose if the netlabel ‘goes away’?”


What do we lose if people stop hammering a guy who wants to come up with new ideas? I think that is a better thought honestly


I know only a few people saw the public video application to become a mod but I think it left a bad taste in some people’s mouths.


What will we lose if the forum goes away shortly after that and only the discord is left?

Seriously, if the current team doesn’t explicitly want it all to end, nothing has to “go away” since there seem to be some volunteers. I would even join just to make this thread end. Just let the motivated people make something new happen.


People make mistakes. A large portion of this whole argument seems to have stemmed from miscommunication. One party might have said genuine things in a unsavory way, one party might have taken what was said comlletely wrong, or a mixture of the two. What is honestly better, doing nothing or trying new ideas?

From what I can see though… one party is constantly shutting down and slamming people who are injecting new ideas into the equation


I don’t know how to frame it except to say it isnt out of anger or spite, but if I had the keys and their fate were solely up to me I would hand them over tonight.


I want you to know that I am not directing any of what I said at you.

I honestly believe that the constant shutting down of ideas due to a suspect motive is doing way more harm then goood.


I saw it. It was horrible. I mean, I still keep having nightmares about it. :wink:

But we all make mistakes and I think nostromer agrees in hindsight. More importantly, I don’t think it was a serious attempt to grab power, but a completely misjudged approach to trying to join the organizing team and help out.


I saw it after the fact and think some poor choices were made on how things were worded, but it was an off-the-cuff video.

I also believe this is what has happened.

I’m sorry that things have come to that. You’re one of the big reasons why this place is still here.

This thread sucks, and now we got freakin’ Not Benwaa throwing shit around. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully some good comes from this discussion. Just some IDMf growing pains. :slight_smile: