We Are the IDMfNetlabel


Could be… or maybe we are all a bit stunned :flushed: by the crash… the rising from the ashes :fire:and the announcement that our favorite dudes from the basement are ready to let go of our hands soon. I can’t blame them…I understand “time for a change”

HOWEVER… I do believe @Jayson ‘s suggestion has merit… why risk leaping the chasm if you can find a spot that allows firm footing on either side?

On the other hand… if we are being led to the edge of the chasm… we have a choice… jump… or not…

I’m happy to play my humble roll regardless of how it unfolds. :disappointed:


Still, in my opinion one of the reasons why people are hesistant to step up is simply that the current team has done a great job and that everybody thinks people better suited than themselves might take the lead. Before the label gets abandoned, I’m sure there would be more volunteers to take it over - I would reconsider my statement regarding this as well…


Indeed… the current team has done a great job… and change is hard, especially when it involves taking on new responsibilities. And yes…I’m certainly one of those people who thinks there are people better suited than me to take the lead.

However! I will say that if I didn’t have a day job (a monstrous gnarly thing with huge responsibilities that would consume me if it were not for a nurturing and understanding family and my music to escape within) I would JUMP :man_cartwheeling: at this opportunity. There is mega talent in this forum (your humble narrator notwithstanding) and it almost generates a finished product organically… of its own momentum.

In the mean time…I’m hoping the current leadership will be gentle with us in the transition.


I’m still debating with myself on tossing my hat into the ring as volenteer.

The issue for me is that I am a very project and work saturated person. I currently already help run an amateur astrophysics community and blog, work on my own astrophysics project, music of course, as well as currently work on a loudness calculator, at work I’m currently juggling 3 automated data report builds and one procedural development build (atm, I’m the only guy in the department), and then there’s family time for my preteen and teen daughters and my wonderful wife!

Then there’s the projects I’m neglecting atm.

Basically, my worry is that I would drop the ball due to how much I’m already doing.

In spirit, this is very much what I leap up and jump into with a passion. I’m just concerned over my time management. I worry that I would be unavailable at a crucial time, or be inconsistent with my availability.



I’m not gonna volunteer because of my past shitposts/behavior and also I’m attempting to quit making music because I’d like to get out of my basement so yea… good luck peeps of idmf and thank you :vulcan_salute:

some Randomer that’s been shitposting here for 10 years


It’s possible to do both. :+1:


Everyone knows I’m game to help out however I can. I have a ton of time off work annually with my new job, and I’m available to help manage stuff almost all the time outside of work hours, with also having the ability to be part of the community during my works hours (mostly).

But, that’s not my decision to make. That being said I have the time resources, the give a fuck’s, and maybe a little irrational love for this place, but hey - let’s just make some tunes and have a good time :slight_smile:


Id love to be able to committ full time, but happy to help as and when. My daily schedule is 5am to 10pm clusterfuck - lucky if I get time to wipe my ass, but happy to help out where I can :slight_smile:


No proof read here, hopefully there aren’t too many errors…

Somehow I missed the last three days worth of notifications to this thread here so I’m just catching up now.

First of all big thanks to the community for the kind words about the current label administration. While things could be done in a much better way than they are being done currently - Auto, relic and myself have done our best and it’s cool to see the work appreciated. Our current release 054 I think is a testament to the level of quality the IDMfNetlabel is capable of and based on that it would be a shame to see the IDMforums cease to be releasing “official” music.

Thanks Oatbag,Goatbag, whoever the hell you are currently :slight_smile: I like how you point out the “what will we really lose” part of this reality. Furthermore I also liked how you pointed out all of the people on the forum coming together regardless of Netlabel involvement, making projects and whatnot.

It got me thinking about the separation between the forum and the label. Then I thought about how ridiculous that is especially now with the change of the landscape here and on the internet as a whole. I think, while my original post had good intention, I wasn’t able to see the way that not much would really be different besides a password that would be turned loose.

Someone would still get it. That person would, by virtue of circumstance, would be “in charge” and put together a team, thus perpetuating the current model. Again, not the intention but that is what would happen.

Given all of the things that the forum does already have going for it musically that you have pointed out I’m wondering why there has to be this separation between forum and label. As such my thought now that I’ll put forward would be…

Let’s just make this real easy and unseperate the two.

Have a project you are working on with the community? Let us know and we’ll shoot over the login details to the BC. Run with it. Obviously this assumes there has been a minimum of quality control and that the project is a complete finished work. Next project that gets done, message someone on the team or the last person who completed and released a project and you’ll have it.

Seems as though the hierarchy needs to go and the forum / label need to become one. This might be a good way of doing it. Will there be finer details to discuss? Perhaps. Please discuss them here so we can all same page this stuff and move forward.


As Brogner once told me : “I still don’t really understand the whole forum / label thing” . For newcomers, it really might not be apparent how the two are connected at all. I’m not even sure how new people (what few there are) get led to this place haha. I’ve promoted the site almost everywhere I can, though.

I think combining both would be really awesome. I’m not sure how much could be done to better bring the two together… maybe having the bandcamp or soundcloud of the label releases pinned somewhere, or put on the forefront of the forum.

I think the concept of giving the access to whoever wants to put a release out is a great idea. Not sure how controlled the login credentials would be, how often they’d change, or who the ultimate gatekeeper of them would be… but yeah. Being able to release it from the collab/project head standpoint would be pretty cool - then the burden of work is only on the person releasing it.

All good points RFJ. I think things are headed in a pretty legit direction. I LIKE IT


I think one of the advantages of having a label is that the production is at least partly separate from quality control, so it might be an idea to have some form of separate reviewing mechanism. This might be the complete forum itself, of course, but then the novelty of releases is gone. So something like a big rotating pool of peer reviewers that are not directly involved in the projects might be an idea.


I agree with this.

Not sure how possible it’d be, but having a review committee or polling board of sorts could be beneficial I think.

I never want to be the guy to reject a track but I’d happily designate anyone to throw my material in the trash if it doesn’t seem fit.


Might not be necessary and maybe too much, but if done, it could for instance be based on volunteers that can focus on genres or projects they are interested in without paticipating. Doesn’t have to be yes/no thing of course, whatever seem appropriate to people, but I think something like it might be a nice touch of semi-professionalism and might also underline that the label doesn’t get abandoned and/or completely open-mic? :wink:


I appreciate the discussion going on here and hope it continues, as it is my belief that the netlabel at over 50 releases needs to evolve. I mean, for a small netlabel 50 releases (most of which are really freakin’ solid for a rag tag band of lovable misfits) is an amazing accomplishment.

So, I’m just going to be 100% honest to provide some perspective. I’ll just begin by giving a little history. Quite some time (years?) before the site went down and we switched over to the new format there was some discussion of my becoming a mod and I declined because I thought it would “ruin the IDMf experience for me” or some such shit. Then when lolirl ended up in charge he asked me again and I accepted because I wanted the forum to stay alive.

Things evolved and I ended up an admin and ended up directly connected to helping run the netlabel. This isn’t something I expected to end up doing. But I kind of just went with it. I will say, quite honestly, I do very little for the netlabel. From my perspective RFJ does the lion’s share of the real, time consuming work. Basically I just bring releases to the backroom on occasion and vote on things. Maybe help RFJ do some copy editing.

If I’m being 100% frank, while I think we release some very well made music, most of it isn’t anything I’m very interested. I want to be clear I can appreciate the artistry and I’m hyped to share it on my social media. But I’m a DJ and a House head, a reformed bass music junkie.

I’m going on and on here, but I just want to be super clear about where I’m coming from.

So, my perception of what I’m hearing collectively from the community is that the community wants the netlabel to exist, but no one has the time to make it happen because they want to spend their time working on their own music projects or whatever else, but they want the admin team to keep spending their time to make it happen. Lots of other people have put in way more work than I have, but frankly, I’m a little miffed at this.

I do appreciate all the accolades we’ve been given in this thread and others—but shit guys, there is not one thing magical about what we do in the backroom.

I also recognize some community members have partially stepped forward to take up the reigns.

Maybe I’m way off base here, but those are my feels.


this is why I find a funny irony in having “IDM” in our label title; most of us don’t even produce IDM lol. I think that’s what I love about the place, is the diversity within the electronic spectrum. I know others don’t dig them as much, but the open genre comps are some of my favorites, because it’s the perfect display of diversity.

early in my music career when I found the place - my shit was sounding really weird and experimental. Breakcore, noise, melodic IDM - a hybrid - and IDMf was one of the only labels WITH a community I could find to fit in with (because anyone making anything electronic can fit in here, mostly).

Partially why finding reviewers or “quality judges” I can imagine being slightly challenging - although we do have themed releases of course. (historically)

also off rant - there IS this feature in the forum called “groups”. The three little dashes next to your notification bubble lets you select them. As far as I can tell, people with mod power can create them… might be a good way to cross arrange certain things outside of PMworld.

and I stand by my old post of saying I can ante up a lot of time and effort towards this place :stuck_out_tongue:


My belief is that any of the members who have posted in this thread have the same critical ability to evaluate music they “aren’t into” as you say that is what makes this community awesome. And many members who haven’t posted here can do that too imo

Also, your involvement isn’t off the table in my mind, but my preference would an overhaul and damn the torpedoes. Though that doesnt discount your involvement either, obviously.

Your enthusiasm is appreciated


I’ve always saw this forum as an informational/critical resource for general music production of all genres…the forum being the resource and the net label existing to celebrate the fruits of the communities labor and highlight certain pieces of music like a snapshot of a certain time in music

also feel free to shit all over this bad idea but maybe the netlabel is due for a rebranding after 15 years i think that’s how long this forum has existed the various electronic music genres have come an gone maybe it’s time to ditch the idm in the idm netlabel and switch it to EM aka electronic music or whatever a catchy name is for all the electronic music genres being that most of us here do listen to various genres of electronic music

But once again this rebranding the netlabel idea might open a can of worms so yea…I’m not sure about it either

also according to Google idm has come to be known as internet download manager

So yea I’m not sure either in regards to this its ultimately up to the community as to which direction you guys want to go in


Don’t write us off yet, there have been discussions. I personally would love to try a different approach, less community-driven and more “top-down” so I might organise a “Curated by” series, where each mod picks the artists/genre based on his preferences and releases an EP, curated by him but with feedback from the rest of the team to keep our perceived level in place.
In my case it would be about very dark beats.
And we already green-lighted another release, to come before 'Date Night" I think.
To be honest, I feel we"as the admin/mods) are a bit tired of doing this (RFJ and Relic correct me if I’m wrong) and @RFJ is the man running most of the label, and doing a great job at it, just listen to Manton’s release.

BUT, what I keep saying is that it is time for the IDMf community to be more proactive.

I would really like to hear someone say:
“I’m arranging this project in the forum (For example a sample pack curated by the community [wink wink nudge nudge]) are you guys interested?”
“I collected a best of BB, here it is, how about we put it out on the label?”
“I read about the new distribution changes in soundcloud, have you guys seen them? I think they might be a great idea…”
And so on.

IDM: I always hated the name, both as genre description (most of that shit is undanceable) and as a label on the forum, but frankly I’m leaning towards keeping it, but with a new meaning. Long ago I asked on the old forum what IDM meant to people and @relic 's reply stuck with me since then, Intelligent Design Music (Or Designer, something like that). We might have a future release under that name, try to keep theme and change the meaning, for both forum and label.

Power sharing aka giving control to the community: As you now, I’m all in favour of having more community involved in the releases, but I will stand against the floodgate effect, as in “let’s release everything”. Benwaa, Fid, us and all other previous team member tried to raise the bar for the quality of the label, it meant saying no sometimes. I personally had plenty of tracks rejected and had to reject tracks by members I personally like.

[quote=“bfk, post:77, topic:943”]
I’ve always saw this forum as an informational/critical resource for general music production of all genres
[/quote] this was what draw me to the forum, unfortunately all was lost in the fire and at the moment there isn’t much sharing of techniques, but I can say that personally I have not done much about it.

Ok rant over, time to get to work.


So, that’s 4 people who have said the net-label name somewhat sucks. If you add me that’s 5. It implies, to the average person not familiar with the forum, that the music this label produces is just IDM. As also been said by others is that, a lot of the people here don’t even produce IDM.
Now, as we seem to be in a stage of collaboration in projects, what about some genre collaborations. Maybe get some groups together to work on genres they’re interested in, with an eye to release.

InDeMniFy Music!


To be completely honest, I love the old netlabel team, but this whole transformation process and discussion has been rather strange and obviously not well thought-through. I can’t really say that I’m surprised that there aren’t more people volunteering. People would probably take over the label as-is as a new team but obviously that is NOT what was asked for.

Instead it seemed as if there was a nice but blurry idea to transform a team-based netlabel into a community-handled thing. To me it sounded a bit like “We have a GREAT vision of a community-driven netlabel with a janitor team or something. Yeah, nobody asked for it, but we think it’s the way to go! Someone volunteer to make it happen somehow! Oh, not that many volunteers, huh? You guys suck!”

It might make more sense to just hand over the label to a new motivated team or a combination of old and new team members if some of the old group are really motivated to keep going, and let them work out and ultimately decide where to go.

Just my 2 cents, of course, I’m becoming a father very soon and have to reduce my internet and probably also my music activity anyways. Good luck with all of it and godspeed to all of you awesome and highly talented guys!