We Are the IDMfNetlabel


Great to see some activity here. I’ll just say as far as YouTube and SC passwords go, we can let those go as well with the bandcamp.

Total anarchy? Clealy a possibility. Better elect someone everyone knows and trusts :wink:



The YouTube is accessed through the gmail account. So unless we figure out a solution we’ll hold on that for a bit. SC won’t be a problem though.


Create a secondary idmf email for the community YouTube channel where releases tutorials can be shared and uploaded


That is a possibility, I don’t have access to the email myself, but I’m sure @Auto-meh-geddon or @RFJ would be willing to look into it at some point.


Just a thought: For sites like soundcloud that have upload limits, the netlabel should probably have multiple accounts (or pay for more upload space but I guess the financial side of things has to be reorganized as well). I noticed that in the past, multiple tracks and whole releases have been deleted from the netlabel soundcloud page, some of which had many plays, likes and comments. Among these was the complete unofficial Xmas compi that happened a while ago (and is not even available on the label bandcamp since it was unofficial - it’s like it never happened, a ghost compi) and many tracks from IDMF048, especially the most played ones, for whatever probably random reason :wink: - one of these was the first track of Tinnitus of Science with over 200 plays IIRC and some really nice comments, made me really sad when it was deleted a while ago.

Imho something like that should not happen in the future. I mean, the website gets deleted frequently as it seems, and I guess that’s part of our culture now and we all like a bit of change from time to time, but maybe let’s not do the same to uploaded releases? :wink:


Whoever ends up in the new netlabel team is well within their rights to address this as they see fit. Good suggestion though. I

In the past our logic has been there wasnt a good way to juggle multiple accounts. But maybe you guys can think of something we didnt to make that work.


Something else I think might be worth looking into is re-promoting some of the better material from the netlabel.

Also, a project Ive been meaning to work on is a DJ mix of my “best of” from the label. When I get to it, Ill hand it over.


How about having a second YouTube channel. one for the forum with tutorials and interviews or whatever, and the a separate one for just the music, see if there aren’t any budding video inclined people, interested in making music videos to go with the tracks. Then like the channels to each other.


I’m seeing a lot of ideas and not a lot of volunteers :thinking:


well been substance free for quite some time,i would be willing to contribute what i can.
you guys HAVE done a good job,and opening it up is a good idea.
you know me,no ass kissing to be had.some of you know where my talents lie.
i’m open to suggestions as to what i could contribute.remember i am talented,but numb as a stump
with this kind of thing.but tbi or not i’m still pretty handy.


I’m not sure people know what they would be volunteering for at this point, since nobody knows how things will work out from now on.

We are going to hand the details over to an elected rep from the community. The elected person will not be in charge. The elected person will not dictate. The elected person will however be free to hand out the details to anyone in the community who needs it to get the next projects off the ground.[/quote]

According to this, we need volunteers to be elected as a rep from the community I guess. But then what? The rep has no authority, so who decides what gets released? Do we make a forum survey/election thing for every release?
And who decides over process-type decisions like that?
Stuff like that probably should be discussed before we expect people to volunteer. ^^


Ill try to clarify some suggestions for “positions” later today.


Ok, I had a moment this morning.

So first off

“We are going to hand the details over to an elected rep from the community. The elected person will not be in charge. The elected person will not dictate. The elected person will however be free to hand out the details to anyone in the community who needs it to get the next projects off the ground.”

I think all @RFJ is saying here is that who ever gets the log in credentials doesn’t get to be a singular gate keeper just because they have “power” aka the log in credentials.

My recommendation would be to model what we have going on currently as a start:

  1. Promo (probably the person with the passwords) this person would be in charge of making the posts and uploading content. Currently RFJ is writing everything and doing the artwork, but the Promo person could outsource this or the team could crowd source it.

  2. 2-3 other “A&R” people who would be on the look out for stuff to release, would be the point people for artists to contact.

That core team then votes on submissions and decides on a release schedule.

If you wanted to invite more people to vote that’s fine, you could have a rotating cast of guest judges so more people get in on the action.

That would be my suggestion for a starting point at least because it works pretty well for us. It could evolve into anything from there.


This is a good recommendation and I totally support that modality to start with. I think that’s a sound and easy way - plus, we still have a good amount of time to discuss/poll things out before the “not really last” announced Date Night release happens.

I wouldn’t mind having any part in this, I’m up for whatever. Hell I don’t even mind being part of a promo “team” that just handles one facet of something and doesn’t have passwords. I already have been doing a good bit of external promo for the website, but apparently it’s harder than I thought for producers these days to bite on a forum.


BTW, if anyone has questions about our current process for releases that I haven’t answered, happy to do that. Like if you want to know about our voting system or anything.


+1 for deeper insight into the “voting” process please


As for the single artist releases basically everyone just listens, says yes/no/maybe and possibly notes on their reasoning. So far we have done a yes/no/maybe system for single artist releases, but for the whole release, not per track. That being said if someone sent whoever enough material on a single artist release you could possibly release just some of the tracks if that made sense, we just haven’t run into that situation yet.

For the forum wide VA comps we basically do the same thing, but per track–so a yes/no/maybe and possibly give a few thoughts on each track.

I think notes are really important for maybes and for nos if it is a close call.

I don’t like math based or points based systems personally. Just say yes or no and say why. : )


Were you pooping? I do all my best work while pooping.

Ultimately what you’d want is to given the ability to manage the marketing channels without handing specific ownership over to an individual. It’s basic ‘principle of least privilege’, meaning you have just enough control over a system to do your job.

I know youtube has separation between ‘owner’ and ‘managers’ on brand channels, and something like that might work well - anyone involved can become a manager and put cat videos and scat porn up, but they can’t run away with the keys by changing the root passwords. I’d keep those under lock and key with whoever the current idmf admins are, so there’s (hopefully) a reliable way to exert control if something goes tits up or whoever is running things disappears. That keeps it a hands off job unless you need to reset the clock and fix something major, and whoever the current crop of volunteers is can go do their thing.

I think Bandcamp also has some management tools, but I’m pretty sure Soundcloud doesn’t, because Soundcloud is awful. Might be something to look into, anyway.


I had just had a good poop, thanks : )

Great insights here. Defo something for the admins to look into. We also kinda hoped the community would pick a “gate keeper” who could be trusted. We had a few names in mind, but for now I’ll stay silent on that.


The issue with a gate keeper, no matter how trusted, is that people disappear, lose interest, get pissed, or kick the bucket without warning. Entrusting control is one thing, entrusting total control is another. Just like no one person should have admin control over the whole site, it seems prudent to keep the keys to marketing and releases with a governing body instead of an individual.

Whether that’s done on the admin level or just within release group, I think it’d be healthy for the long term viability of the netlabel to put something that facilitates a seamless hand off in place.

That last sentence is apparently what happens when I post at work and have spent all morning sending ‘official’ emails. :stuck_out_tongue: