We Are the IDMfNetlabel


Remember the blurb from IDMf050? The bit about how we are all the IDMfNetlabel?

“We are the IDMf netlabel.
We means everyone. Not just the curators. Not just the artists. Not just the regular posters to our forum. But everyone. It takes much more than a small team to create 50 releases. It takes a community. A community of diverse people with varied interest and experience. Yet it is a community with a common aim: the music. All of us have made this release and it is all of us that will keep this going.
We are the IDMf netlabel.”

Yeah, that one.

Well, upon further reflection and examination it seems as though the statement is a load of BS. In its current form the IDMfNetlabel is made up of Automageddon, relic and me. Roo as well when he is around but since we migrated over he hasn’t been around all that much, which is fine.

If we are to be honest with ourselves that blurb should have read “auto, relic and me are the IDMfNetlabel.” But that doesn’t really read too well or inspire at all so we came up with the “we” bit and ran with it.

It is a nice sentiment though isn’t it? When you take a look at the forum and it’s history, auto, relic and I would like to think that the IDMforums, it’s associated catalog and label are more than a nice meaningless sentiment. In light of that we here at the IDMfNetlabel would like to do something about it.

By and large the IDMfNetlabel is an intangible thing. Were one to drill it down to its most rudimentary tangible form the IDMfNetlabel is little more than a bandcamp page protected by a password. Whoever it is that keeps that password is by default a keeper of the IDMfNetlabel and all the intangibles that go along with it. And now we’ve come full circle back to auto, relic and me.

The three of us have had a discussion and we have decided to make that “we” bullshit from 50, a reality. That means, in its most rudimentary tangible form, the IDMfNetlabel is up for grabs. The catch is we’ve already decided who is going to get it.

The IDMfNetlabel is going to all of you.

Throughout the labels history the label has been led by a single or small group of individuals. Since the labels inception however landscape of the internet has changed, as has the landscape of the forum. As a result the IDMfNetlabel is soon to be either a vestige of the past or a boon of the future. One thing though is for sure - it can not survive under its current model so the model needs to change.

As a result we are prepared to hand over the login details to the IDMfNetlabel bandcamp page. We don’t want to just publicly post them though. We are going to hand the details over to an elected rep from the community. The elected person will not be in charge. The elected person will not dictate. The elected person will however be free to hand out the details to anyone in the community who needs it to get the next projects off the ground.

What are those projects you ask? Well, after 054 Don’t Panic, we have one more single artist release in the cue and a comp in the works. After that it’s wide open and up to all of you.

Auto, relic and I will remain admins of the forum, and for the time being, keepers of the gmail / Facebook details. We are prepared to turn those loose as well but we first need to see how this goes with the next couple of things. We’ll have to work together for a bit, the current label administration and the community.


Pick a recipient and start organizing. We have made our statement, if you have questions you can answer them yourselves because as of now, the IDMfNetlabel is yours.

until the password is handed over please keep all discussion public as that is the intention of this move


I’m going to quote Courtney Love:

When they get what they want, and they never want it again
And they get what they want, and they never want it again
Go on, take everything, take everything, I want you to
Go on, take everything, take everything, I dare you to


The piano song I wrote today fits the mood of this post perfectly

Smart idea


A few first thoughts:
Sad to see the old team leave, I think you all did great work and I want to thank all of you and especially RFJ again for all the support leading up to the Kallisti release! Also, I think you did really awesome work on all those blurbs!
Is it now up to the community to decide how releases and review will be handled in the future in hope there will be some form of senseful and consistent self-organization? :wink:


Thanks man. It really has been an honor serving on the team on and off for the last few years. As for the old team leaving, we’ll still be around. If this goes well one thing this will do is make it easier for forum admin to participate in Netlabel Projects. Something I’d be looking forward to doing actually.

[quote=“metaside, post:4, topic:943, full:true”]Is it now up to the community to decide how releases and review will be handled in the future in hope there will be some form of senseful and consistent self-organization? :wink:


First step is to select a rep.
Second step, get going!

We have complete faith this will be a great move for the current members of the forum and the label.


Screwed up that multi quote there but hopefully it makes sense, lol.


Don’t have anything to add that RFJ hasn’t said. Just want to put stamp on this, so to speak. Good luck.


excuse me for saying this but this kinda seems similar to the beattape idea that was on the old forum many moons ago…

there are pros and cons to this,
there are certain risk that comes with the democratic alternative, like things not getting done, and quality control, and trusting people

but on the other hand the alternative to a democracy, is relying on a few select people to organize everything which does ensure continuity to a degree …

im not sure exactly how this change will work out,
and im sure you’ve discussed all the pros and cons,
but regardless hopefully whatever happens, it all works out for the best for this place
good luck peeps




I think that is a fair comparison.


In addition to the beat tapes I’d also liken this to the beat battles community style format. Both of which, battles / tapes, were / are a success.


So, is the intended direction for this more a non-reviewed relaxed open-mic platform, or finding a new form of bottom-up organization for releasing reviewed and polished stuff?


Those questions are up to the forum members to answer for themselves. The community is the label’s only resource, so we are letting all of you decide what is the best road to make the label “a boon for the future” as RFJ put it.


I would personally prefer this, instead of a top-down decision of how to make things happen on the netlabel, a bottom-down, self-organised (anarcho-syndicalist?) management, which hopefully will keep (or improve) the quality of the releases.
Should you guys decide to release every submission, or have strict criteria, or run a forum-wide voting everytime, it’s up to you.
“Management” of the upcoming “Date Night collaboration compilation” is up for grabs too.



I gave it some time before I decided to respond to this, although my Initial response was this is a fantastic idea. Naturally, there’s logistical obstacles and some concerns to be addressed. I want to give a big shoutout to the mods, especially our main man @RFJ for making this announcement, as this is not only a humbling post to read, but a very liberating and daunting proposition for all of us.

Firstly, again, big ups to the mods. You guys are the absolute shit, and what you’ve done to recreate the community has not been unappreciated. IDMf 2.0 is astounding and has given me as an artist a ferver to reconnect with everyone and start diving into projects like none-other. While this community on the web is a bit of a relic and shadow of some former glory we all banter about, we’re all still here, so… what gives? :slight_smile: there’s no other place on the net like IDMf. Certainly not for any “labels”.

I’ve always vouched for this community—even though some would say it’s a quasi-shadow of it’s limelight—it’s the most tight-nit and diverse group of producers on the web. Certainly, without as much shameless self-promotion and shenanigans as you will find anywhere else. Am I being redundant enough? hehe

Though I do think handing the keys to the community is a fantastic idea, there of course is a bit of concern, and it’s a multifaceted issue. Again, the community is here to openly discuss! (as usual, open to all of you telling me to fuck off)

Here’s some of my ideas:

I REALLY think a community podcast/video chat or other means of uploading would be super cool. We could (pre-production) banter about the forum, new releases. The DISCORD is a great place to do this, as it was developed for group-audio sessions, and it can be easily exported to audio for editing later. We can even combine this with any fancy video editing and can do some cool work with it maybe? :slight_smile: A communal joint project in and of itself.

*I’m down to spearhead this if need be, and use Discord or any other suggestion as a platform
*Would be great to host interviews of artists showcasing new releases
*General banter for gear, upcoming electronic music news, drama, is always welcome
*Anyone can/should host!
*I’m an annoying cunt!

I think the discourse architecture kind of leads into an interesting QA/QC methodology all it’s own, with having trust levels and what not. Maybe passwords could be delegated through this, otherwise there will inevitably have to be some keeper of it.


What if someone just swaps the passwords without saying anything?
What about bandcamp tokens?
*will we need donations from releases to ensure the release is available?
Youtube, Soundcloud, where does that lay with the community?
I don’t think the FB page should be open password/login, we can all be set to mods (I think)
Gmail and any paypal/donations should still remain in the hands of the current mods

There can’t be complete anarchy for this to work, but it can absolutely be free reign in terms of official releases, submissions, and artwork/videos.

I think it’s pretty fucking cool of our humble mods to hand over so much control over the community, but obviously it can lead to some discourse (no pun intended).

Maybe let’s start up some poll threads, yeah? And who is with me on this Podcast idea, and if so, how can we utilize the IDMf Youtube/Soundcloud channel to get support for posting and promotion?

I will be the first person to promote this place, all of you know I’m an annoying cunt who has an endearing love for you all and won’t shut the fuck up :stuck_out_tongue:


city at worlds end


A lot of ass kissing but you’re a good guy who has thoroughly thought this out and really loves this place. Good ideas @nose


So you’re gonna hop in on the podcast, right? hehe

Yeah, I might kiss this places ass and be the resident dick that annoys everyone, but someone has to


I was kinda hoping to be the resident dick here but I think you’ve earned it lol. Yes possibly, to answer the pod cast. I would have to have some good content but if I do hell yes


Hey everyone, not looking to get too involved just yet, but I thought it would be a good idea to clarify my stance on mastering for the netlabel going forward in any form that may take. Let me say first and foremost that the fact that I am happy to take your money and master a track or 20 for you has no impact on my willingness to work for the label on label releases. If you guys have a release ready to go and the artist or artists don’t have an ME in mind or can’t afford one (or they just want me, and I’d be flattered by that), just shoot it to me, tell me it’s on the release schedule, when you need it, and you’ll get a master back on time.

To anyone out there thinking “I want to submit something to the netlabel but I want it to sound as good as possible first”, I’d suggest you don’t worry about it, and definitely don’t come see me, because if you get it on the label I’d master it for free and you’d have the same end product. Now, if you’re thinking “I have a release in mind but it doesn’t fit IDMf” or “But I wanted to submit to some other label and I want my stuff to sound nice”, then feel free to reach out and I’ll work with you to the best of my ability to make that happen, for my current going rate.

In short:

IDMf Releases = Free mastering 4 lyfe (until further notice or you guys want someone else)

IDMf Members = Happy to help forever and ever (HMU on the PM breh, I’m pretty cheap)