VSTis without automatic midi assignments

When I perform live, I assign every knob and slider on my midi controller to weird ass glitch effects (on drums and selected melodic instruments) and then use the synth keys to play one VSTi (often for a bassline or pad).

The problem I face is that most VSTis have automatic midi assignments that I cannot remove. So when I twist a knob to activate a stutter or phaser effect on the drums, it also moves an automatically assigned control on the VSTi. So I may then go to play a note and A filter is completely applied or a tremolo effect in the synth has been applied.

I use reaper and cannot find a way to actually remove all automatic midi assignments. I have checked their forums unsuccessfully.

Does anyone know either:

A) how to remove automatic midi assignments in reaper or with some kind of tricky midi filtering plugin

B) a list of good free VSTi synths that don’t have any automatic midi assignments.

Thanks so much for your help.

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There is a custom JS midi effect for filtering CC messages.

it can be found here.


if i remember it will only filter up to 4 messages but might be worth trying to run several instances.

I’m an Ableton user, but have used Reaper extensively developing and working within live show files for Tycho, Scott Hansen is a Reaper “power user” and I’ve learned a lot of tricks over the past few years working on his live show.


Alternately, you might be able to map your keys to 1 midi channel and the knobs and faders to another so that your faders etc dont get to the VSTi.

Either way works, depending on your midi controller.

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Cheers for the response. I will explore this some more.

BTW I really love Tycho and love watching live footage…freaking fantastic.