Vlantis is a cool dude but he doesnt like it when we act like backseat drivers


Yea I wouldn’t cross state lines for something like that right now.


Also since we now have a shop in wendover 80 miles away, their prices are rape zone.

A single premade joint is like $8. :\


I’ve seen pre-rolls for like $10-20, depending on quality of flower.


Some of the prices I’ve seen for legal, recreational weed I almost want it to say just decriminalized LOL but for real, I’d rather pay more.


But honestly who buys pre rolled joints? Just get one of those little joint rolling machines, ever rolling paper company makes them. I guess tourists.


i sometimes buy them if I’m dropping into CO to visit friends or family and just want to buy some for myself. That way, no pipe necessary to carry, no bud leftover generally, and a single stop is easy enough.


That makes sense. The whole idea of basically going to 7/11 to buy weed is so foreign to me lol these things don’t occur to me.


I never purchased them myself, but buddies who have given me some care packages from vegas I couldn’t help but notice the pricetag on the tubes.

For me? Joints rule, especially when backpacking. But I like rolling and I’ll gladly do that shit myself… lol. I’m with ya @relic


Also I’m one of those filthy fucks that can’t handle modern strength weed so I prefer spliffs with some nice tobaccy for more burn and enjoyment


I think learning to roll your own joint was a right of passage for people up to a certain age. I’ve talked to some young people who have never even smoked regular flower so.


Lots of people all about the “carts” these days. Never had a vape pen that got me high in a way that was matched. Give me the hippy shit.

That’s not even getting started on dabs and “rigs” and shit. Yikes, not for me.


I don’t like the vape high, but I currently bought one for my gf because she just can’t inhale smoke at all and now is finally able to smoke weed but it isn’t for me. I feel like it has all the weird paranoia but nothing else. Like I don’t mind that fucked up thoughts high sometimes but not all the time.

I can’t even get dabs or wax so that is all a wash for me. The one time I smoked a dab it was like "that’s as high as I want to be all night’ in one go.

Its all different. But like nothing makes me happier than seeing a giant, stank ass bud I’m about to destroy.

There is room for everybody, I just don’t want myself or anyone going to jail for having a joint in their pocket. For getting years of prison because the got caught w a few ounces.


@nose was kind enough to send me a sweet laptop with a broken screen. I am making progress in creating a Frankenstein beast. I also got my scanner up and running and sent him an Alien collage for his efforts. I’ll post it once he gets it.


Fuck yea man! So cool, the idmF <3


It’s the one place that doesn’t make me want to take a shower. And you spelled IDMf wrong…


even my fav. normally cool facepage groups are kinda gross right now : ( idmF idmF idmF


I also hit up a local magazine guy and got thirteen free porn mags for collage purposes. His initial response; “I’m not giving you my good stuff!”

Told a local friend about it. Her response; “Please don’t send me any porn.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently waiting for superglue to dry from this computer project (it’s all over my fingers) before beginning a new collage based on a hysterical face I found.


Are you building a desktop?

EDIT: I just read your comment, you’re actually BUILDING a computer?


I plugged a sweet laptop into a screen and managed to superglue some shit I found at work to make this screen stand level with it.


Nice mod @Vlantis! Glad that old beast of mine went to a good use. It’s been sitting collecting dust for way too long, cool it’s slayin’ for ya.

can’t wait for the Alien collage!!

happy to help a fellow IDMfer out :]