[vapour] Traipse - Moonstone City

Hey guys. It’s been a long time. I just put out a new release on Pacific Plaza Records. Hope you guys enjoy it :slight_smile:

Lots of love <3


Nice work… I especially liked the 2nd track. The sense of space and lushness is most enjoyable :sunglasses:

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Thank you for listening, man. <3

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Vapor-trap? That’s new. I guess vapor-stuff isn’t dead yet.

Nice work, mr. Steed. You got a good ear for great atmospheres. I think my favourite track would be Need You. While I’m not a huge fan of drum machine samples in general, this works quite well. EP is short and sweet. Congrats on label release.

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I fucking love vaportrap. Really nice stuff man! I might have to snag a copy of this one for sure :wink:

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Thanks so much, my guys. ily <3