TUTORIAL - Sicko Mode by Travis Scott

Hi everyone,

I made a tutorial for Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode that features four tracks:
2 contrasting basses, an organ and some really bouncy hi-hats.

Let me know what you think!

Super impressive!

Above my head for more than half of what you were doing but you made all seem accessible and doable for a mere mortal if he were to just pay attention and spend some time with it.

I downloaded Syntorial a while back… I liked how methodical it was… didn’t get to far with it before time constraints had me put it aside. It’s the old “practice or play” dilemma. I will definitely make some time to get back to it.


That’s the goal of these videos, so I love hearing this!

It does require a time commitment. Many users do a section or two at a time so that they don’t have to put aside “play” for a long period. I also find it helps to toggle between practice and play, in that they both feed each other.

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