[Trance?] James Pingel - Icarus


I’m sitting on half a dozen finished songs, I’ve just been really unmotivated to release them for a lot of reasons. IDK, I guess I hope that somehow forcing myself to start putting things out fixes the problems I’m having and the negative things I’m feeling by going through the motions of things I used to do that made me happy.

To that end, I’m putting out this song that I wasn’t really planning on releasing just to grease the wheels and get in the habit again. It was a test bed for me to learn a few synths, and not exactly my usual style (though very little of what I have knocking around right now is). I don’t think it’s a great song - I think there’s not even any swing, so it’s a bit too mechanical rhythmically and most of the automation is pretty rough, but it’s good enough to get me back on the proverbial horse.


Nice song, nice harmony yo :smile::smile::+1: