Throwback Thursday


Hey folks, this thread will be used to chronicle and highlight the Netlabel’s Throwback Thursday selections. These albums are spotlighted on the Netlabel’s Soundcloud until the next Throwback Thursday, or we have a new release to highlight.


TT #1: IDMf001

Let us start this off right with the first ever release on the IDMf Netlabel! Intro from the original release:

Showcasing the amazing talent the IDM Forum holds within and has to offer. This is truly a ground breaking album of cross genre electronic styles.

Taking you into the very heart of the forum & its artists, this release marks the sheer amount of talent & we have at our disposal. From deep ambient, glitchy idm to dancefloor friendly 4/4 beats, breaks and beyond, this really is a fresh look at modern day electronic music.

Check it out here: