Thread to talk a bunch of shit(not a shitposting thread)

A thread to talk a bunch shit/ flippant meaningless nonsense that isnt conducive or constructive in any way.

Not to be confused with shitposting this is a thread where ppl can talk out of their ass.

I’ll go

I can bench 450lb and I’m 7’11 200lb, tan, and i make 80 billion a week. Pfffft.

Let’s leave that to the pros:

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Idk why bieber has a bunch of tats like hes in pink band hes not…maybe he should start a punk band…or not, do you, …bieber

And idk why machine gun Kelly raps idk and he does punk…idk eminem is 48 eminem needs a successor I’ll be ok with machine gun Kelly pending upon things…

Also he dates meghan fox so…eh he maybe worthy.