Thread concerning rhythm and time signatures

yeah so i figured that there is more to music than just 4/4 even though 4/4 is ok…you could still make things interesting with accents, cross beats, down beats etc… example

^mathematics can be implemented in the beat i.e. a down beat on 3 then on 2 for the next bar so on and so forth…so

i figured there should be a rhythm thread to offset the many melody threads…

right so feel free to share your compositional understanding of rhythm

People confuse meter with rhythm. Lots of music in 4/4 most can’t remotely count - but can feel the pulse if they pay attention.

Also, music has no math in it. Some use math as a compositional strategy/device, like Xenakis. Addition/subtraction of beats/pulses has existed for centuries. The difference in most’s minds comes in how they think and feel about music.

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I listen a lot to Jacob Collier these days. The guy is awesome, and in his workshop he speaks a lot about polyrythms and how it shifts your perception of rhythm and time signature. If you want to dig it, I just like everything about this musician.

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I listened to one collier track and it’s too avante garde for me…
Buddy rich jazz performances are good

Meter. Time = tempo.

You want poly, dig these:

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Actually no, time signature = 3/4, 4/4, 21/16, etc

Thanks for the music, I liked

I like these too