Thoughts about darkness and mysticism in modern electronic music


I’m a huge fan of darkness. I read things on esoterism, mysticism, Lovecraft, I listen to some weird pagan, dark ambient (Lustmord etc), black metal, creepy noise (Camecrude & other Cioran Records releases)…

It seems I never find this kind of darkness in electronic music. It feels like… I dunno, light darkness.

I would like to listen some electronic music really inspired by darkness, old myths, and stuff.

If you have ideas, feel free to give links :slight_smile:


Maybe you should listen to Dark Techno? :smiley_cat:


Anytime the idea of mystical kind of ritual dark ambient stuff comes up, this album is my immediate go-to. haha.



I assume you know Cryo Chamber…?

Or Phantasma Disques? If not, you’re sorted for a long time!

Other random thoughts: Sopor Aeternus, Offermose, The Thing with Five Eyes, Den Sorte DØd, etc.


Heilung and witch house


You could check out the Dungeon Synth scene, lots of mysticism there. Maybe not musically what you are looking for though. There is definitely a lot of Dark Ambient and other electronicy off-shoots of the black metal scene, though there also tends to be a lot of unironic nazi sympathy as a result of the links to BM.

Unrelated to all that though: Zaliva-D, definitely one of my fave Chinese electronic acts. Very dark, evil industrial sound, but they come at the evil/occult angle from a Tibbetan Buddhist angle. Lots of prayer chant and musical references to funeral rites. They used to have a lot more lyrical content specifically about Buddhist folklore deamons coming into the modern world through electronic music, but I can’t find any of that stuff online anymore


Was it with you that I was discussing Heilung not too long ago? Their live show is absolutely mind-blowing. Haven’t witnessed something that powerful in a long, long time. 10/10 would recommend etc.


@saltmarket Holy Moses Batman, this is VERY cool. I shall investigate them further :smiley:



Yeah I’m a fan of dark sounding stuff, too. Though, I’ve not actively searched for it, but I like it when it comes along in a form I can connect to.

Though, I do know there’s a lot of it if you look for it.

In terms of electronic music, here are a few I can name that have a darkness or dark mysticism to them - though some of them through a more psychedelic lens. Though you might have heard of most of these:

  • Shpongle - Walking Backwards Through The Cosmic Mirror (one of my friends couldn’t quite handle this one when we were getting trippy, too edgy for some in that mindset)
  • Squarepusher - The Metallurgist
  • Squarepusher - F-Train
  • Dr. Bastardo - Mocne - Original Mix
  • Burial - Ghost Hardware

I know I’ve got other dark sounding tracks somewhere in my mazelists - if I find them I’ll post them.