This Week on IDMF


Here is the place where i will be producing a fantastic weekly show entirely about the goings on here at idmf.
I will need your help of course.
Suggestions for topics such as whats new in vsts hardware daws etc.
upcoming idmf releases ,user releases ,whats new in the lb.etc.
i have my own commercials, for comic relief of course.more ideas are welcome.
The idea is just to have a little show about madcunts.who are we what do we do etc.
I am going to try to do interviews,this has failed miserably in the past.
However I am Rixtr you will hear me roar.
so yeah got a pilot in the works,so stay tuned.
Thoughts ,ideas ,suggestions ,or general nonsense can be posted here.
we need this for a short break a quick recap or just to watch Rixtrs antics.(there may even be a buffalo bob cameo)AHEM.! The basic format for this dubious adventure will be loosely based on SNL’s weekend update.
So suggestions for names of the show are welcome,as well as intro theme music.i think this a great idea for members to get involved.I wan’t to give something back to this community.i think this will be it!


Loving the GIF, so cerebral…

I think the netlabel team will want to do what we can to help you. There was talk of doing a bi-monthly web zine when we first took over 6-ish months ago, but that never really panned out because the release schedule was so fast there was no time to take it on. Maybe consult with @Jayson as that was his baby and he may have some ideas for you.



PM me.
I’ll write when I can (in the middle of quartely reporting atm).



Yeah i have really great ideas and im motivated and have been itching to do this for quite some time.
Now that i have my own place and can really focus im down.
I have the software;
Adobe CS6 so all i need is in there
i am also a skilled blender user,i am now working on an intro animation.
i do have a sorta script thingy (an ides page all written out.
but i want the community to get involved!
I can layout and put it together i got the skills(you just havent seen them)
but artwork and music from the community are integral.
so yeah it will be the bomb!


that’s great. count me in, please…




ok so this is still on! just been putting some pieces together.
haven’t received word, ideas,or anything from anyone so…it is up to me to skull fuck you all with idmf goodness, amazing funny business from Rixtr and my new cgi co-host(auto your gonna love him)
Stay tuned…


Was this meant to sound threatening?




This week on IDMf the next generation, I will be publishing my first bandcamp tracks as well as assaulting the seizure triggers with another video release.