This just in : IDMf is actually the music of the universe

So some new-agey parents put electrodes on the belly of the mother and sent the vibrations they picked up to synths via “biosonic MIDI technology”. The result is classic bleep-bloop IDM, demonstrating IDM is the music we all meant to play as infants and the only music that connects us to our collective consciousness.

extra points for the stunningly cringey video


This is what you hear when you’re in the womb, then you’re disappointed by the fact that reality doesn’t blip and bloop like this

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I feel like these parents would force their kid to be vegan, learn about crystal healing and name them something strange and embarrassing lol that video is 1000% cringe Like…I have enough money for fancy video editing software and I’m just gonna use ALL the filters and FX.

If by 1000% cringe you mean 1000% IDM then yes. This should be on “Now THAT’S What I Call IDM Vol. 1”. They can slot it in between Selected Ambient Works and that other one with the robot on the cover.

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To clarify, I meant only the video work was cringe. I’m ambivalent about the music. edit: and yea I am probably a Philistine for preferring a more classic music video lol

B.A.B.Y. modular technology? Starts at $999. I would attach the other end to car battery and charge baby up so that lil shit up his tempo and start making amen breaks. She also needs to drink a bit of tequila to add a swing to her baby beat. Music sounds like me opening some weird Reaktor ensamble from user library and twisting one knob (no flexing here). Finally, the IDM II has arrived into town.


Should this be a theme for a compilation and if it gets enough traction and decent submissions we see if it’s worth putting it on the label?

The theme would be ‘The music of the universe’ and each entry would a 5/7 mins top interpretation/imaging of what the universe would sound like. What would be the sound of planets moving, trees growing, babies crying, dark matter expanding, gamma rays shooting through space? Anything goes as long as you can explain your mental process.

In my case it would definitely a super heavy, slowish, repetitive beat, ultra-compressed, almost zero dynamics, every sound flattened and crushed under the darkest cosmic distance (aka: a typical Automageddon song, just slower and more compressed/distorted :slight_smile: )


“My god, it’s full of stars.”

Legit why I stopped using user created Reaktor ensambles…one misstep and boom…hearing damage LOL (or it was my ignorance, totally possible as well).

That cringy video makes it a lot better, sort of a human wtfness experience.

Nope not a phillistine…

Avante guarde can be just as bad as cheesey Grammy pop music

That’s a good observation–I feel like a lot of things we put on a linear spectrum are actually circular. Once you go too far either way you come back around and meet in the middle again.

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Also Some days I’m in the mood for house…others idm.

Depending on my feels what I like varies day to day.

I look at it like a tree whose branches diverge but also merge back together while the tree grows exponentially.

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