Things that piss you off the most


They just dope you up and pull it, which feels real nice :slight_smile:

Thanks bros. I had a hard time waking up but didn’t die. After the hospital staff thought I was a gonner my wife said the codeword ‘coffee’ and the lights came back on


And on topic, I have a fucking throat cold. 2019 is totally my year


I second this motion. I have enough hilarious dishonorable intoxicated stories to last two lifetimes.


Fuckin’ suit guy!! Hahaha man, that story was quite a ride. Awesome. MORE


It’s probably been painted blue, lacquered and mounted on the wall of a SA speakeasy.



Here you go guys lol Things you did whilst pissed, drunk, fucked up/high


Alcoholic / semi-suicidal family members and knowing there’s nothing you can do to help them


Saw this video. It’s called My city but she wasn’t born in NY, she’s a fucking implant.

I’m not gonna lie as a male of color I can tell this industry is not for me anymore. I give up on music. With the acceptance of feminism plur it becoming more apparent I don’t feel like I fit the image. These people don’t really know how NY is, but they claim they own the scene. Probably nepotism plays a role…

I never seen people who look like me produce techno or house in the states. It’s usually white people man and it’s so frustrating. &Me, Carl Cox, Black Coffee always give me hope but idk anymore.


I didn’t watch the video but I think it is safe to say that the Tecno or house scene is as big in the states as it is in the U.K.

What is your goal with music? To enjoy the adventure and enjoy writing music? Or is it to be a big name and the fame?

A book I read that was written in the 1600’s addresses this. If you are writing music to obtain fame and fortune, it is not for you.

What do you mean the industry is not for you? Are you writing good music? Or do you think racism is what is holding you back?

There is no “Image” that can substitute the writing of good music.

You are engaging in the same thing you claim the feminists are engaging in.

Also a larger amount of POC in America working with rap vs techno or house. All the talented musicans are probably performing jazz, blues, and writing rap pop songs. Rap isn’t as big in the U.K. as it is in the US.


I don’t claim feminist to be doing anything, or racism to play a roll. I make music literally for the sake of it, however it’s discouraging to see outsiders not born in the city, claim the NYC scene as their own, and it’s even further discouraging when most of these artist are white.

Techno was a political statement, it’s looking more like a fashion trend every single day.


I can empathize on how it’s frustrating that what ever the popular Democrat movement of the time gets all the exposure, same with people moving in and just claiming something that they are not apart of. The market usually filters these people out, but the techno house scene in the states doesn’t match that of the U.K. Dominating the popular culture in America is Pop and Rap. 90 percent of the artists I listen to from the EDM world are mostly Canadian, or from some part of Europe.


House and techno have certainly been white washed–it happened when the ecstasy and the rave scene got imported from the UK and bored suburban white kids with nothing to form and identity from started attending in mass. The early days of house and techno were quite different then what most people think of when they think house and techno. (the E wasn’t literally imported from there, but the UK basically invented taking E at what we consider a modern rave).

Detroit: Juan Atkins, Eddie Fowlkes, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson…all still very active…

Chicago: Derrick Carter, DJ Funk, Steve “Silk” Huerly, Jesse Saunders…ditto…

Also: Black Coffee and Carl Cox as you mentioned, Jamie Jones, Green Velvet, Seth Troxler, Erick Morillo

And +1 I would never rep I city I wasn’t from unless I’d lived there quite a while like well over a decade at least. And your headlining female DJs are still far fewer in number than males. I can’t name you one active female DJ in Ohio.

The big problem with the American scene is it is all huge mega festivals (EDC, WMC, Ultra, Electric Forest…). The small local scenes are more diverse over all. There aren’t really any medium sized parties anymore. Millennials with money 25-36 want the mega festival experience, don’t know anything about the history of the music, and I’m not 100% they care about the line ups. <---- Fashion trend.

Last year when I played a little arts and music festival several people asked “are you playing more EDM” and I responded “No, I’m going to be playing house and techno”. Blank stares. FML.


I honestly want more females in the scene man, I’ve really enjoyed Peggy Gou’s music but people hate on her because of blatant misogyny.

NYC local scene is very confusing to me. It’s literally isolated to a 2-3 mile radius around Bushwick, Brooklyn, and the artist who are becoming famous from Bushwick like Justin Cudemore just recently moved there. Maybe my opinion isn’t valid until I’m more immersed in the scene, but being in the Bronx it’s annoying traveling 2 hours by train to hear techno haha

The places these “underground” raves are happening are around high class parts of the city. So it’s very ironic they have this lo-fi addititude to their music.

Maybe I’ll just move over there and get lost in the sauce haha.


Nothing to add just quoting because that’s it in a nutshell Imo relic and cheese head hit the nail on the head


Yea, I didn’t really take your OP as ragging on female DJs in any way–but as say don’t rep NYC if you aren’t from there…or haven’t lived there very long. On the other hand, if one wants to make it as a DJ they are probably going to want to move to a city center with a scene so I suppose you are just going to have that going on (for better or worse).

I’m only about 45 minutes from Cleveland and there is at least one show every weekend, but to see big artists I defo have to drive (usually to Columbus). So I feel you on that.

I’d really recommend you start going to shows and talking to people if this music is your passion. It is one thing to chat with like minded folks on the internet, but as you say immersing yourself in the scene is another thing.

And yea, that is fucking weird that the underground parties are in an upscale part of town. That is a new one on me. Frankly, we don’t have underground parties anymore, but there is enough of a scene legit venues are happy to have us. And it isn’t like people aren’t doing drugs, but at least in Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus people seem to mostly keep it on the DL and can handle their shit, so hasn’t been an issue for legit venues.


As income inequality increases the arts will continue to be absorbed by the Bourgeoisie.

This extremely evident as we continue to rely on these rich fucks to tell us what’s art. I just find it very strange that the girl in the video said that she came to New York with no money, no job, no nothing (I know a double negative) ,she just came to take a risk I think that she’s probably a trust fund kid in all reality. A lot of artist now come from well of backgrounds but honestly thank god for the internet, for at least giving more local artist exposer.


The bourgeois? Oh man lmao… sounds like you are angry at others for not being able to write music that grabs attention of people. No one is telling others what is or is not art. If people like your music, they will want it. If they don’t like your music, they won’t buy it. It’s that easy


I mean, yea, it makes sense. It is way easier to concentrate on your art if you don’t have to hold down a 9-5, 6-7 days a week. On the other hand I think that can make one’s art a bit stale. I feel like electronic music is actually one of the only realms of art where the rich and academia don’t have an absolute strangle hold on what is considered “good”. They system has traditionally been that the rich patronize the arts and that academia was the only place artists could go for a “career.” And in higher education’s beginnings it was mostly the well off to the rich who attended (until we started getting some of the agricultural colleges here in the US). So there is a strong tie between the rich and higher education as well. I did all my education in the very blue collar area of Northeast Ohio and even here high education is very much the NPR wine and cheese upper middle class to rich crowd.

I’m not suggesting that you take a step backwards and move from NYC to the sticks, but scenes in places like where i live tend be more down to earth and supportive of everyone. I’ve only been to NYC once, but if underground parties are happening in the rich part of town I can only imagine the conversations they are having about “tekno” lmao.


lol…are you fucking serious man? Tons of people both with the credentials to back it up and those without go around daily telling people what is and isn’t art. For starters there are these writers called critics…

And, honestly, do you HAVE to try to instigate political arguments everywhere you go on the forum? You even brought up the political shit post thread in one of your LB OPs dude…

And to be clear I"m saying this 100% as just a member of the forum man. I appreciate your fervor to get to the bottom of the objective truth about things, as the water gets more murky by the day.


So you are telling me that people are going to buy things they don’t like because people are telling them it is art?

Or are you telling me that people are not going to buy music because of someone’s skin color?

I’m not getting skmething here because I’m pretty sure if people like someone’s music, they are going to listen to it. I’m not the one getting political on this.

What does this mean exactly. Because how I am reading it is…

Because he is black… people are pushing him out of music. Therefore he is giving up music.

How do you read that @relic?