Things that give me faith in humanity

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2020: Things that give me faith in humanity

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JK—defund the police!

I know I’m not going to change your mind and I have no interest discussing this but Uh…maybe you should read the news stories about all the wierd heinous crimes…so that you can at least get the full picture and really think about all the possible consequences that may result from that hashtag.

Defunding is poor choice of words for what a lot of people mean when they say defund the police. I am not for or against the idea at this point but its an interesting concept and it doesnt mean police would go away or stop dealing w crime.

All I’m gonna say is that police sometimes come across stuff that would give regular people nightmares…

So Can we go back to things like puppies and cute cats being heroes, NASA, the bill gates foundation, and random acts of human kindness…because we need positive things in this world in amidst of the dark times that we face now or may face at least in the near future to remind us…so that we can fight to make a world were everyone can complain about their first world problems and smoke weed legally…

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It maybe a silly vision but one should hope for something positive.

I get this feeling that was just an excuse to get rid of Jimmy. It’s almost too relevant

I heard that Nascar turned a corner.

But A&E lost its balls though.

Got a call from ontario, canada… some girl is cheating on some guy…the guy called me and thought i was the boyfriend…he was talking over me and wasnt listening to me…so I said go for it and gave him a pass on the boyfriends behalf…so moral of the story if you dont wanna commit than dont committ and also sometimes people just outgrow each other…I also texted the dude that I’m gay…so that hell call the actual boyfriend.