The Tutorials Thread


Still hands down the best synth tutorial out there. I learned 85% of what I know about synth programming here and the rest from Seamlessr, but you could get by with just this if you had to.

Yes, it’s painfully retro and it’s basic, but just get through it and if you really understand it all you can do anything you want with a synth. If not, then learn until you do understand it all.


Got a lot out of this… tied together what I already knew with a few things I’ve been scratching my head over.

Definitely a good place to start… thanks for sharing! :sunglasses:


I made better quality breakcore tutorials concerning polyrhythms and cross rhythms… you be the judge of quality
I hope this helps:



I do not want to upset you, but you did not record the whole process when you opened the windows - they are not visible. It was necessary to record the entire desktop. Thank you for your attention.


It’s alright That is an error on my end due to my lack of expertise on the program I use…and time constraints…I am not insulted…cheers.


futurephonic tutoril on YouTube for psytrance prod… Also search for psilocybian tutorial


This is lame. I grow so much so i can listen to trance or psy trance. :rofl::rofl::grin: But yeah nice guy and nice music for lil pump!


I think Reid Stefan live stream videos are very informative in case of information . Check them , it’s here


made a tutorial on how to destroy transients…thanks guys for leading the way…

also made a tutorial for beginners about sidechaining to a filter/equalizer…eh

@1roomstudio just to better help visualize what i was talking about with glitch


Wow… I’ll have to check this out on the weekend… too overwhelmed at the moment! :scream:

Thanks for sharing :sunglasses:


Your skills with FL Studio are incredible!



That opened my ears … in a good way. I’m beginning to tune in to the logic a bit now.

Thanks for sharing :sunglasses:


apparently after talking to a youtube user they decided to make a better quality breakcore tutorial…it sorta made my day…


and a quick idm glitch tutorial how to glitch as you switch between different sequences


me futzin around and creating space in a track (without stereo imaging)


Hey. Can you please post it?


breakcore tutorial attempt X
me breaking down how i made a recent track…figured make a vid…as opposed to making a post and sounding like blowhard…hopefully its helpful to someone…if not then apologies…also just trying to add to information database…so dont mind me…



whats going on in the right channel?? im almost curious enough to isolate it and figure out what it is :slight_smile: