The power of macros


Macro automations am i right?

Or am i right?

On a serious note…

Sometimes it uses a lot of cpu to which i just use edison to bounce and freeze, by re recording it as a sample.

Other times i make macros out of stock plugins to conserve cpu usage…

What are some of your favorite macro combinations?

Mine is granular synthesizer + gross beat + love philter + regular filter + compression.


I don’t use a ton of macros, and most often I use them more in a hardware context. The one I use most is when I modulate filter cutoff, I’ll have the same mod also bump up filter resonance a bit as the filter opens up. It just adds an extra layer of movement when you’re after a dramatic sweep, and it makes the bright parts of the filter a bit extra bright. It can be subtle or obvious, and it will usually sound good to some extent.


I try to use macros to achieve certain sound effects.

Like for sytrus i try to make two bass patches in one…

Like have the 1st 3 oscillators be one sound with one set of macros controlling the amount fm modulation, the phase, or the volume of the fm modulator and with the remaining 3 oscillators a different sound with a different set of modulations.

Then i direct the output of sound A to filter 1 and sound B to filter 2…and have different automations for each filter and the use the xy pad in sytrus to do both the macro automations and to switch between sound A and sound B by controlling the volume output with the xy pad in sytrus…

After that i just apply compression and love philter for custom gates… and gross beat to get glitch wubs…and then i sidechain it to a kick.

Or to control a wall of noise post rock sound by controlling the reverb parameters and distortion level in conjuction with a limiter and/or compression.

So thats how i use macros.


Usually combinations of delays, flangers and comb filters when I’m going for complete destruction. Mostly I can achieve whatever wild / abstract thing I want with something like BYOME, but it’s also fun to make the routing a million times more complex with Voltage Modular or something. This can become a rabbit hole, though, because I’ll just keep stacking FX until nothing really makes sense anymore.

Rinse and repeat, micro burst an EG or use an EF for variation, etc. Don’t get me started on X/Y pads though, because I use them as ‘sweet spot finders’ way more than anyone ever should.