The politics shit post thread


Delete/lock this thread if you see fit, or whatever I personally stopped watching the news because im tired of the constant 24/7 coverage if you want talk to about about politics or don’t that’s fine…aNY ways all the Trump shit post talk can go here


I hate politics, but I’m like a raccoon in the trash for it. I can’t stay away. It’s primo 21st century hate-porn for the masses.

trump is a dunce, certainly, but also as much a patsy as any president. US politics, media,… it’s all a crazy facade that everyone gobbles the cock of.

Although I didn’t have time to watch his little border wall speech or whatever. How bad was it?


I couldnt sit through it because it’s mostly full of empty rhetoric but yes it is mostly hate porn shit show full of the back and forth between both sides I’m more cynical because I feel like the powers that be have this game plan that was subliminally messaged to the masses in avengers infinity war using thanos so that we could digest it, me personally I think the most practical/humane thing is investing in space research and colonization of other planets instead of focusing on all this rabble rabble at this point were just going in circles in focusing on the short term…


as long as it is civil et. al. : )

I follow the Hill, the Post and the Times on the facepage. I don’t do 24 hour or network news.


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I’m pretty satisfied with the political climate in France right now. I was surprised by the international approval of Macron when he was elected. No media outlet seemed to mention the criticism he faced right away from part of the population.
Now, a lot more people seem to understand what social injustice means, and young people get a crash course in politics. Macron is just a banker made president, and that was always the case though nobody seemed to realize what that meant.


Google Melania Trump. Not the biggest boobs, but certainly in better shape than his man boobs.


France has always been a bit of an Enigma with respect to how it’s society and political system actually works. There are the more or less regular protests of striking workers and farmers and the occasional outbreak of violence in the banlieus. There is also this weird hierarchy and entrenched elitism from the outsized role of Paris to the Ecole system. It somehow seems to work, but there is clearly some friction.


I heard that trumpism is trying to be brought to Europe don’t know how accurate that is either way some leech is probably making money off of all this political galvanization selling people false hope and empty promises


You could look at it from the other way around and see Trump just as the result of some political behaviours that were already common in Europe about a decade ago, just on a larger scale and more refined.
If you look at the parallels between Berlusconi (previous Italian PM) and Trump you can see a clear pattern. Both based their political plan on painting themselves as the outsiders and counted the popular vote, achieved with extremely large media spending and TV influences. Both appeal to the “common man” both in political program and in behaviour (Berlusconi, as Trump< was involved in numerous sexual scandal) and both had this conspiracy/paranoia of being persecuted.
Both to them showed their true empty face when their lack of political knowledge, selfishness and corruption surfaced.
Also both have gigantic personal interests that would only benefit from their role.

It took Italy a decade if not more to move on, what followed wasn’t better and the damage he made was long lasting.
The Italian PM is not as influential as Potus, so Trump is more dangerous.

Going back to the export of Trumpism, you can see it action, more and more European right wing candidates are using the same populist speech and tactics, appealing to the common denominator and preying on basic and mostly unjustified fears. Brexit in the UK was a result of this…


The more reasonable sides are being deconstructed ita easier to break something down than to build something that works, everybody wants and yet no one wants to compromise what can you do


Even with the rioting that occurred because of the “Climate burden” being dumped on the working class?


There are literally huge riots continuing in France at this moment and Macron’s approval numbers have dropped to the low 20’s, maybe even lower now


the system is becoming strained time for a plan b,c,d,e,f,g,etc…


Macron also painted himself as an outsider…Bill Clinton appealed to the “common man” and was accused of actually raping someone too… Again the Clintons are corrupt, so were the Kennedys, You can actually take your description and apply it to a large swath of politicians in history

Also looking objectively at history, The UK has historically gone against the mainland of Europe. Brexit was not a result of “right wingers”. It is how the UK has historically been.

I think the last time the UK was a part of Europe was during the Roman Empire, and still, the northern part of the island was walled off from the rest of the island.