The philosophy thread (no extremist manifesto debates please)


Um, wrong. Maybe think about where perception and world-understanding happen. What you’re saying is like saying the color of a car didn’t change, only the paint changed.


I don’t think nostro had anything to do with what I said.


@Marklar : images project upside on the retina, then get translated in orientation. Further, I recall a bit on 60 Minutes or some shit in the 80s where a correspondent wore a device that flipped the image; it took a few days or a week for his brain to re-orient the image, and the same back.


@Tsachi : Scroll up, holmes: reply 156, and yours following.


Read some wierd article that a certain virus that created a weird protein molecule somehow merged into a symbiotic relationship with an organism and the organisms evolved adapting that virus more specifically incorporated the protein revamped the protein and evolved in order to use that protein for memory functions.

Random thoughts Not directed at anyone…

Sometimes certain ideas are misused/misinterpreted in a way so as to justify ones flaws and as an excuse for a person not self examine their own shortcomings whilst also simultaneously laying blame upon others…example neitzsche…

Also more random thoughts…

Individual feelings being more of a metric for social standards as opposed to a cultural unwritten social contract of which everyone can agree upon…(this social contract can change with the times)

An Individuals sense of self worth being a determinant for a persons own actions.

Ambition does it Blind a person to reality or is reality more of a murky gray area that is open to interpretation…with ambition being more centering for an individual than anything?

And lastly prison rules

Everyman for themself…put in work to be accepted by the pack…dgaf about anyone and only focus on maintaining the respect you’ve earned from others, eye for an eye.


Meanwhile in ancient greece…

This Is sparta…

Anyone see rise of the 300 the sequel to the 300

The study of history and studying the rise and fall of civilizations, like ancient Greece and india. Interesting lessons to be learned.


High Critical thinking thoughts…

How fucked up is it that nowadays even having an idea is looked at as a political maneuver?


TBH some people would see your very existence as a political maneuver. Some people need to mind their own business.