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Nature mirrors itself to a degree…for instance compare human society to the social structure of ants and or bees…if you ever get depressed and have feels about your purpose in life…just remember that your a more evolved bee who’s purpose is to make honey, and help pollinate plants in other words you directly or indirectly play a role in maintaining the homeostasis of the ecosystem… asteroids hit earth a couple of times wiping out the dinosaurs, and other life on earth, so maybe we evolved to act as white blood cells to protect earth from asteroids, and not to be a cancer to the earth’s ecosystem…


Love that thought! Yes, maybe we just haven’t fulfilled our true destination as the protectors of the Earth’s ecosphere yet :smiley:


That’s a powerful and insightful metaphor… I’m going to put that in my stash of clever concepts to astonish people and redirect bonehead conversations about Global Warming… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If I’m not mistaken I think that the native Americans and a few other ethnic groups came up with the belief of being keepers of the earth before me, I could be wrong


I think this kinda fits in here - an unexpected deep and personal conversation about suffering from loss and grief and seeing it as a gift, a way to connect to, love and understand others, acknowledge their suffering, build better relationships and experience the fullness of humanity:


The Double Slit Experiment
When I seen this first it blew my mind. It raises so many questions about reality.

The animation is clearly aimed at a young demographic, but the video is really interesting none-the-less and explains the experiment clearly.


True… but the concept of having “evolved” for that purpose versus being “put here” for that purpose is what struck me as especially relevant… not to mention ironic, because it implies that even though we evolved to be capable of destroying the earth (nature/diverse environment) we also evolved to be able to save it… and ourselves.

So we are neither hopeless nor helpless… I like that! :sunglasses:


That video is the best representation of that concept I’ve seen…

As Einstein once said “God does not play dice…” well… apparently He does… but Only when you are not looking :eyes:

Hey! I just had an epiphany! :thinking:This is the mechanism that allows Free Will to exist.

And to think I learned this from idle chat with a bunch of quirky knob twiddlers… :control_knobs: the world is a strange and lovely place… :ghost: