The philosophy thread (no extremist manifesto debates please)



Thanks for yet another highly informative response. I’ll have a good think about all this and let it digest.



Ugh here I go…I’ll just keep it to bullet points because I dont want to get all soapbox dogma manifesto towards other people, I’d rather people have their own unique opinions then ideological conformity.

  1. Politics is being sold as the new religion in america every time I watch the news.

  2. I went to go play outside recently and what a stark contrast.

  3. I realize everyone has a different situation

  4. Everyone is just trying to get by.

  5. Dont see the need to be at each others throats.

  6. As adults we shouldnt need a nanny to tell us how to behave or play kindergarten cop when we dont get along and may put us in a time out until we do. But we do apparently need a nanny sometimes.

  7. I’m an asshole dont respond to my post.

  8. Why did I post, I saw someone talk about ideology and to me politics should be about compromise of ideological differences ideally…and not wwe. But whateves.

  9. I get a sense of deja vu posting on idmf, I apologize for deja vu posting.


not quite extremist but I see what you did there


What do you mean…I’m not some sorta jedi mentat… all my jedi mentat abilities are really coincidental accidents.

C what I did there I referenced the interstellar space operas dune and star wars


But seriously though Star trek came first so trekkies are cool too.


My understanding is different than your understanding, how we interpret the communication of our understanding is determined by our perception…

Cats are cool because they can see in the light and they can see in the dark…dont get me wrong dogs can too but cats are more independent even the feral cats that have evolved to become domesticated they never lost the ability to take care of themselves.


everything is and has always been subjective with regards to how our senses feed our salty skull-sponge information.

of course that’s just my subjective opinion though


How fucking amazing is it that 3lbs of pudding fat is a bio electric conscious binary supercomputer fucking lmao…

Fml is like reddit shower thoughts.


Sorry marxists but communism doesnt work because of darwinism…its is because of darwinism that communism will always revert back to a feudal system…

I hate to break it to you che Guevara fans but che wasnt a revolutionary…he was a hellhound…

Capitalism works better because more allowance for social mobility and also the system is based on merit.

If anything socialist policies are nothing but a check to capitalism left unregulated because it leads to unsustainable growth.


Hypocrisy is human…cause of hypocrisy it makes certain things relative by comparison…and because certain things would be relative in comparison to argue certain things would be nonsense

I suck at giving examples.


Carl Jung. The anima and his theory about personalities.

Imo everyone differs in their base on the spectrum from there individual situational experience imo determines the rest.


James baldwin interviews


Human consciousness = collective consciousness of human cells.

High thoughts.


Problem of evil…

God exists…
But if God is good why is there evil…
Because of free will.

Being that we have free will we can either choose to do good things or we can choose to do bad things.

Moral relativism can reveal some truths but can also lead a person down the path of immorality.