The Music Video Thread (All Genres)








Jens for president!

Also, this seems to work pretty well:






love this video!


Lol my wife the other day

“Yeah there was these guys that hired me to be a model in this video in NYC when I lived there.”

Posts this:

That’s her fucking ass on the left in the first frame at 00:04. NSFW.

I’m like WTF - I’ve seen this video way before I met you. OK… awkward vibes much?

Small… internet world?

They turned my wife’s tits into Tom Hanks. 03:40.

the fuck


this video is fucking nuts omg… just came across this on instagram today


loooove the animation in this


Top tier. Great post. Amazing


Pretty much all Die Antwoord’s videos are awesome, but this is my favorite…also this song is my jam…if the mood strikes me I’ll spin down the record and just fucking drop this on a party.


ahhh whaaat Die Antwoord sampled Ageispolis? hell yeah


That song is so god damn good. I love DA.

Incredible build off Aphex’s original.


I also HIGHLY recommend seeing them live. My brother took me for my birthday like 2-3 years ago and it was amazing. Very high energy. Lots of costume changes. The back up dancers are amazing etc.


Crazy to believe this is running on an Amiga 500. Insane coding capabilities. Also a really cool track :slight_smile:


So good.