The Music Video Thread (All Genres)

Anybody else love a good video? All genres welcome, let’s see some stuff!

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This one is funny

Damn it, beat me to it. I was about to post Acid Rain. <3

Hey uhhh, maybe you guys could help

I’m looking for a 2002/2003 vid. Electronic music, the video featured single-color lines soaring over various landscapes. Got any idea what that might have been?

My favorite ever music video

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I can’t stop laughing, lmfao


Lmao, that was amazing

That was an amazing video.

here are a few I’ve been really into lately

Fuck yes plz.

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Damn, that’s a killer track. The video is kind of cool. Not sure if it really goes with the track. I don’t know what the fuck would go with that track. But, the track…WOW!

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God damn you ms… god damn you to hell