The Movie Thread


Movie really needed either another hour of screen time, or a science advisor. It sucked ass.


ad astra there should of been aliens…but no aliens…wtf…at least gimme some line about finding RNA…or about finding the sentient higgs boson or something

but some conecpts were cool though…


Aye there’s some nice ideas and cool stuff in it. Its like someone wanted to make a serious film then it got Holywoodized :smiley:


tbh the scene of them on the moon buggies in a shoot out was totally unrealistic, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Movie had great popcorn factor, I’ll give it that.

…Even if the plot gyroscoped into the shitter.


The diff countries…carving up space and claiming territory and the proper Starbucks at the moon airport would happen irl though if hominids reached that technological point…

The Pitt should a caught on fire or get hit with debris in the first scene when they fall…

Tbh I think gravity is a better movie than ad astra…

Also sandra bullock…


Gravity is a better film than most films.


La la land was lame…

I like music but I dont like musicals…hmmm



Essentially its a couple of hours of Joaq… er, Joaqui… um Fred… being more and more demented. You know where this has to end up so there’s never any doubt about where the journey is going but it is quite the journey to get there. That deliberately forced laugh is quite unnerving.

Its mostly slow-paced and the opposite of DC and Marvel/Sony, even when they try to do the anti-hero thing. This is a study of a man with mental difficulties descending into the makings of a super-villian, but there’s nothing super about this. Its all grounded in human pettiness and meanness. Any ‘action’ is short and to the point but its not an action-flick by any manner of means.

One of the things I don’t understand is how people that hated on this film accused it of glamourising violence. The violence is brutal, disturbing and often quite sudden. All I felt was horror at it, nothing glamorous about it.

This is a good film and when it was over I just felt a need to detox.

I did chuckle at how Joker became more gay/camp as he became more evil. Not sure if that was intentional. I’ll think about it on next watch because when it was over one of my first feelings was that I need to watch it again.


I found Joker to be pointless. More of that neo-hollywood style with closeups and shaky cams. No ambiguity whatsoever. Joaquin Phoenix begging for an academy award for two hours (and he got it). None of the effects Todd Philips uses had any impact on me (and it’s all effects). I didn’t understand the controversy about the violence in the movie either. Even Robocop 2 had better bad guys, and far more violence. Also, I saw the trailer and thought “yeah, it’s basically King of Comedy in Gotham City”, and then I saw the movie and the reference was so obvious, it was so awkwardly pushed forward, it made me hate the movie even more. I don’t like to feel good about myself because I get a reference to a movie made by one of the most famous movie makers of all time. I feel like a spectator to some hollywood circlejerk.
And that’s just for the moviemaking side of things. I also didn’t go for their version of the Joker. I feel like the “origin story” trend has lasted way too long. The thing I did like is the fact that he’s shown as just a catalyst for political unrest that precedes him. That makes the character realistic and explains how he ends up with an army of clown-masked minions in other animated or comics stories. But the whole uncel /lives with his mom /fails at stand up comedy bit is a sad meh. It falls flat, it’s predictable.


Been trying to watch some new (to me) horror movies the last few days…

As above, So below was super lame.

Legion was dumb but fun.

The Cabin in the Woods was brilliant.

I have a top 10 horror movies of the 2010’s if anyone’s interested


Was really hoping Hereditary was as on there ha


I do like The Cabin In The Woods.

Though not normally a fan of horror, if you want some old school horror, Horror Express with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee is on Amazon Prime atm. Quality bit of cheese made into a complete hoot when Telly Savalas shows up later in the film.


Arguably one of the best films ever. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard should work together more often. It was a perfect satire and adoration of all things horror and cinema. Plus, a surprise cameo by Sigourney Weaver? yes please. 10/10


Oh for the love of all that is necessary make something new


Some weekend watchings:

Foxcatcher - 8/10 - really dope drama based on the real events of John Du Pont. Pretty intense. Steve Carrel can actually act in a serious role well.

Gattaca - 9/10 - I still love this movie, been a long time since I saw it. A+ scifi

THX1138 - 9/10 - The most underrated Lucas film (obviously).

Donnie Darko Directors Cut - 9/10 - I still prefer this cut. Had to rewatch it after so long, but yes, I feel it is superior.

Jodorowsky’s Dune - 10/10 - amazing documentary, very important for any fan of modern scifi.

(finished) Lords of Chaos - 1/10 - fuck that movie. Not sure why i finished it.


Birds of prey:
I say that I’ll never watch another comic book movie…

And yet I go see a comic book movie…

Overall review…meh…better off as a Netflix original…

Please let Christopher nolan do a justice league movie


James Gunn is doing the Suicide Squad sequel. First time in that batch of fail I’ve been looking forward to one of these but I’m still on the fence given the history. I find it odd that DC are doing so badly with Suicide Squad material given that coming out of the JL yawnfest so far they’ve nailed the dark cheese silly-fun factor with Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Shazam. (I liked Man of Steel but I get why its so divisive). Maybe they should just put Patty Jenkins in charge of the whole thing.


I saw Sonic the Hedgehog unironically this weekend and unironically enjoyed it. I mean, the whole premise is a little off if you think about it. Sonic doesn’t really NEED the help of this specific small-town cop, we see him get along just fine with other people and they show he can make it from Montana to the Pacific and back in under 10 seconds, so he should be able to get directions from anyone and get where he needs to be. But, it had to be a bonding roadtrip movie, so they did that. There were a few moments that were under-used, and a few that were over-used, but I’m a sonic fan and the success of this movie is going to be fun to rub in Nintendo’s face until they open Mario World. And it was a pretty full theater that was pretty into it where I was, more of a family movie than videogame movie, but it’s pretty successful so far and there’s no arguing with that. I hope it gets a sequel with a bit more thought.

OH ALSO, it was really nice to see sonic without all that backup cast. No tails, no knuckles, no shadow/rouge/silver/blaze/chaotix, etc.


So I saw watched two Japanese movies tonight.

Uzumaki (“Spiral”) was alright, very bizarre and unique. It’s about strange happenings in a town of people who become obsessed with spirals. Had to watch it on YouTube at 360p which sucks, since I couldn’t find it streaming anywhere.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Really weird/much stranger than Uzumaki but creative. I love Eraserhead and it’s very similar in feel to it (shot in B&W, unsettling imagery, slow plot, low-budget. artsy)


Everyone with a budget wishes they’d made it first :smiley: