The importance of making music on Speakers


In my opinion, you can’t make music with headphones.

I think so. Just woke up and I think it dawned on me and I’m right as always.


Gonna disagree with that one. I make all my music with headphones, but I pretty much live in mine, so I know them better than any speakers. Like you can’t make music on speakers until you know them.


Probably we have a different perception of sound. I can’t get the right sound in my headphones.


Firstly. What headphones are you using, and second, how often do you wear them? I don’t have a TV, so a use my computer to watch movies, the news, listen to music etc. This comes out through my mixer and into my DT880 pros. This means all the media I listen to at home is through the same headphones I make music on. This is how why I know my headphones so well. There are times it’s just not practical to use speakers, and for me that’s all the time when I’m home.


With speakers you need to consider room threatment, positioning, sound calibration for a room to get them actually working as intended and accurate. If you don’t have some sort of studio room where you can sit on your ass and design kick drums 24/7 it’s far from an ideal option. If you’re in a middle of living room or kitchen you’re better with headphones and higher quality headphones matter a lot here. It’s more like a safe-option where you don’t need to bother with your surroundings. The more you listen with headphones the more you learn about their perks/flaws, @TheTeknomage already mentioned this (I got the same pair). While doing reference listening on headphones you also can achieve amazing results when you know what sounds amazing on speakers/sound systems. Listen to that track, listen to yours, compare, it’s not that hard. Worst case, you can just look at meters and other analyzers in DAWs to see what’s wrong with your audio. Speakers aren’t some sort of magical realm when your mixing skills are generally poor.


Bro sorry i think i’m wrong again. And my problem was compression. It is ok to make music in headphones. Sorry again. :smiley::smiley::smiley::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:


Comparing headphones and loud-speakers is a bit llike comparing hammers and screwdrivers.

They’re both excellent tools.

If you’re mixing for big speakers, being able to check your mix on a big setup is golden. So don’t be afraid to ask your local club for permission to hear your mix played on their speakers!

I used to sometimes go to a local club in the afternoons, when next to no customers were around, ask permission and just abuse the speakers for a bit. As long as you don’t overstay your welcome, many dudes actually like this kind of thing (for some it’s the reason they started a club to begin with).


I mix on headphones (I have HE-400i), but I still wish I could use speakers sometimes, even though I’ve done great work with headphones.

You can adjust EQ curves and learn the headphones all you want (which believe me I have, I’m in the same boat as The Teknomage), but when it comes right down to it there is no simulating the way sound behaves in a room accurately enough to make me confident in the way my mixes translate to larger systems. I can check on all the systems I want but I don’t really know I’ve got it until I’ve heard my mix on the target system.

That said, that’s no excuse to do shitty mixes on headphones, because great mixes can and do get done on headphones, you just have to take some extra steps and make it happen.

And even given all that, if I were going to do an upgrade to my monitoring system today and I was prepared to drop 2000 USD, I’d get a better set of headphones, not monitors and sound treatment. Headphones just fit better into the rest of my life for now and the next few years at least.