The how do I make this sound thread


Thanks! Getting that subtle pitch warble is a must for sure. I’m thinking of making some…I don’t know what the technical term would be…but like a standard short animation with a few sentences of audio in that style of voice/texture to put at the beginning of jam videos and the like.


That sounds like a cool idea. I wanted to do something like that for some spoken bits between tracks on one of my projects, but I could not get a good sound. I will try these ideas sometime and see how it goes.


If you are having trouble doing it manually, track down The Interruptor’s Wow and Flutter VST. It is old, It is free, but to me nothing sounds quite like it. Great tape FX.

Otherwise I’d recommend U-he Satin in fancy pay for shit land.


XLN Audio’s RC-20 “retro color” is also in the “open up your wallet” category but damn is it good… I use it subtly all over the place in my mixes.


haha, oh no, I might need to check that out…I’m a sucker for these plug ins…


Amen to that. Such a great tool, that does all of what is tries to do really well. I have a few more specific tools for some effects as I have collected them over time, but this is my go-to for almost everything it does. I do use Decimort for bit-crushing and sample reduction though.

@Relic, it is more the filtering that I am stuck on, but I just need to get some frequency response curves from older hardware and build them in an EQ and try that. Then add the warble etc with RC.


That’s cool. You are willing to put in more work on that than I am! I’d love to hear how that goes when you get it sorted. I was just going to listen and tweak until it sounded vaguely correct.


I am really shit at judging even “vaguely correct” :slight_smile: Hence the extra leg work. I think it is mostly filter work, but I could be missing something else.


Honestly, the amount of time you will spend trying to decipher all this to get a 75% accurate result at best with plugins is simply not worth the bother if ya looking for authenicity. Just buy a small tube based portable reel recorder(because you said 50ies and solid state preamp stages in tape machines wasn’t a thing yet)off of Ebay. You can find Grundig’s and a lot of defunct German manufactured ones for next to nothing if you look around enough. A wire recorder will be even cheaper, but they have a very narrow bandwidth and a ridiculously awful in a good way S/N Ratio


I have thought about a R2R recorder many times…I used to have a good one back before I made this type of music, just to listen to old reels. My step-dad still has some good ones kicking around, like some old Frank Zappa recordings and such. I will probably have to get a R2R in the near future just for the fun of it, plus I have seen some great techniques using a pot to vary the tape speed manually that look like a lot of fun. Not to mention, they just look cool in the background when you take pics of your studio space. :smile:


I appreciate that approach as well. After I get my second vaccine I may have a go around the second-hand shops here as we have a lot of them. If I can find a working old dictation machine or something like you suggest maybe I’ll go that route.

For my purposes I was just going to slap a couple band pass filters on the audio (which would be spoken word in my case) then some LFO to Tape VST parameters. I just need it to sound vaguely like an old film strip or tape.

I think getting the tone of voice and nailing that cheesy fake mid-atlantic accent that actors in the 30s and 40s used on film.


I watched a dj stream recently where the guy was mixing and using a R2R