The how do I make this sound thread


I agree


i think failed pop artists could successfully sue evelon for this


I blame seamlessr for puyting evelon into retirement…


fuck sake seamlessr!!! you ruined music!


Nah he helped fill in the obvious…even though it wa a bit of a mindsplosion…it allowed every1 to be able to fsu in the music game…putting evelon at ease by helping noobs with making phat basses…allowing every1 to evelon now…thereby lifting a weight off of evelons shoulders…


relix, thanks for sharing,


yea i felt bad for him in a way. he must have loved it though, or just felt obligated.
what happened anyway? did he tell people to leave evelon the fuck alone? :smiley:


no seamr stepped in to help evelon and to free evelon from the basspit so that evelon could evelon other things that needed eveloning…

either that or they shared the arcane knowledge of the old ones contained in the records of akasha…to help humanity into new era

in other words I think they just shared their knowledge with others so that people could make more interesting music to listen to…

I’ve tried to evelon, too but im too much of a dick…


eveloning is hard man! you need patience, skills AND empfy, empfry, ERRRR i cant say it! ‚Äúempathy‚ÄĚ. there!


Hi, just found this forum and this great thread. love it.
I have a sound I have been searching for some time and hopefully you guys can help me out or point me in the right direction. I‚Äôm not allowed to post links, but the sound in question is in the track ‚ÄúLumen‚ÄĚ by ‚ÄúThrowing snow‚ÄĚ, the one that starts coming in at 0.40 and then starts to bounce around (very pronounced at 1.07-1.20). What is going on there? what parametres does the moving come from? any ideas of how I might go about reproducing it or achieving a similar effect on one of my machines? (or if not in ableton). Machines are: Korg minilogue, Korg monoogue, arturia microfreak & waldorf blefeld. Thanks a bunch!


Simple noise. You cant recreate it exactly. Only try. Add delays and reverb to your synth and try do the best.Experiment.But if you’re not a synth wizard.


if its the sound i think, that movement is coming from pitch glides. probably some form of portamento/glide.