The Hardware Megathread


You’re such a tease…


The stand is a “Jaspers 170-4-150B” which i purchased from Thomann.

The stand has 4 tiers and ships 4 pairs of brackets (known as holders)

I originally ordered 3 extra pairs of holders with the stand, then later ordered another 3 pairs of shorter holders, all from Thomann.


A tease :rofl:

I want to play live but never have, so I’m trying to put something together, I’ve never been a keyboard player so at the moment i’m running midi from Ableton which leaves me free to knob tweak the synths. What i’m struggling with at the moment will probably be simple for others and thats triggering midi clips with push 2 in the session view to send to the hardware, sometimes they all trigger when i don’t want them to, sometimes they don’t loops how i want them to, sometimes they don’t trigger at all, sometime they won’t stop blah blah blah :rofl: I’m also deliberately performing tracks I’ve made in the past just so i don’t come across as noodling any random thing.

Got this other idea as well to have 2x Tascam 4-tracks, an old vestax mixer and eventide space , do a 30 minute live ambient set, I’ve ordered 4 x cassettes with 10 seconds of tape on them, so ill basically have sixteen tracks to mess with, if i feel i need some samples ill add the Yamaha SU10 just to keep things looking oldskool :grinning: i looked around youtube and I’ve not seen anybody DJ with 4-tracks so it’ll be something a bit different.

and then the bad news, i got a phone call on thursday to start back at work on monday :face_with_head_bandage:


The medusa looks/sounds great, my only problem with it is i have 3 elektrons that if i don’t use regular i forget how to use them, i look at the medusa i feel it might be similar in that way.

Model Cycle is a different story no menu diving, when i haven’t used it in a wile its pretty simple pick up where you left off.


The dude in Nine Inch Nails does that live.
He shows how on YouTube, but I can’t remember his name right now, so I am not of any help beyond this.
Edit: Italian fellow, Alessandro something iirc.


Yes he does, but he only uses one unit, I’m gonna hook up 2 like a pair of decks.

im a big Cortini fan, i have all his albums.


only just found out about the Tiptop audio ZVERB module, it sounds gorgeous, it would be like having an eventide space in my eurorack but everywhere has sold out, once upon a time i had my finger on the trigger and shot anything that moved :face_with_head_bandage:


Anyone have much experience with a sp 404?
I am looking for something to sync to my mpc and trigger long samples and effects.
I think the sp can stream long files off its sd card, is that correct?



I’d be careful with that ZVERB. It’s a serviceable reverb for sure but nowhere near an eventide space or an out of rack blue sky pedal. I had a ZVERB and, while it was great at filling the gap between elements in the mix, as a reverb unit I’d say it’s about a C +.


thanks for that feedback, I’d only just seen the tiptop youtube video earlier and thought it sounded great, but maybe thats bias/cleverly marketed as its their video.


Hey all, I’m looking for a cleaner pre DAW mix.
I have all my hardware going through a studiomaster logic 12 analog mixer, it sounds dope, I send all of that into my USB audio interface and then I eq on both the external mixer and with eqs in Ableton usually all mixed down to a stereo channel, what can I do to make sure everything gets through on a mix?


Multi track is and mix it post.


I caved to the will of the god of GAS. I just pulled the trigger on a Mono Station. I am stoked to try it out!


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at the options and also it just sounds good. For what they are going for new you can’t really ask for much more synth in one package.


agreed. What with the deal Novation has going I got one for 275Euros…that is not enough to get any of the Behringer clones even. With the patch flipping feature and the 3rd mod sequencer that can steer outboard gear I think it will be a nice addition to my collection. I was really looking at the Model Samples so I could leverage my collection of drum samples, but they will be around a while, the mono station may well be retired soon (there are rumors) and even if they come out with something bigger and better to replace it, for the money I paid I will not complain.


Yea, I only paid $300 US new. For that if they did come out with something bigger/better I’d just be excited at this point.

So what all can you do with the mod sequencer and other gear? I didn’t know that.


FW 1.2 allows you to route the mod sequencer externally, with note info. So basically the same as the oscillator sequencers, but you don’t have to sacrifice one of them or double up. Makes sense, as I understand that the per step mods you can make are not using the mod sequencer to work, so it seemed kind of, well, not so useful before


Ah. I see. Yea, I didn’t really get the Mod Sequencer when you could record modulation w/o it. And I don’t know why you would want to save and apply modulation sequences to a bunch of different patches unless it was like a wub wub mod preset?

The paraphonic sequencing I didn’t think I’d use either, but I do.


In exchange for replacing a bunch of faders in my homie’s Juno106 he permaloaned me his DSI Prophet 8 module.

It’s fantastic.