The Hardware Megathread


I’d love to see a pic of you fiddling with that A4 or Virus, aren’t they too high?

On a separate note, I think I decided which synth will complement the MicroFreak and I think the Behringer Neutron fits the bill, size and budget.

Apart from it being Behringer I can’t find much against it.
Apparently the filters overdrives too easily, as that would be a problem for me…



Oops I did it again


Oh nice. You should check out Ricky Tinez on youtube, he has one of those and does some pretty good work with it. He works for Focusrite/Novation, and he knows a thing or two about how to make these things sing.


I just discovered his vids. Great work that fella is doing.


I saw a guy do a whole like jungle/old school DnB set on just an MPC 1000. It was off the chain. Never have tried anything from the MPC line myself.


I have to admit he’s the one that got me thinking of getting one again.
I like his setup of the mpc and circuit.
I definitely prefer the 1000 to the new ones. This is my 3rd. I had a janky blue one like 20 years ago (maybe?) And a nice one I had tricked out myself a while ago that I sold to get a live, and kinda regretted. And now this one.
I’m hoping to create some drum programs of my own tracks and create some live guitar looping stuff along side.


The 1000 was always that bit of kit on my list that i never got around to purchasing, was pretty gutted when Akai stopped making them,

Id love to see Akai release the 1000 again, with exactly the same hardware and features with only the inclusion of LEDs under the pads for a bit more visual feedback, id buy one instantly.


Yes i have to stand to get at the virus, but thats the sacrifice to ensure there enough spacing between everything to see clearly every interface on the rack.

Ive have no behringer gear however I’ve been looking at all their rack synths and if theres one id buy its the Pro One.


The one is real close, I almost got one, but for what I am wanting to do I think JJOS is better suited. Plus there’s always the possibility of diy’ing the 1000 a little.


What MIDI keyboards hav great keys? I’m looking for something with 49 - 61 keys.


Does it have to be JUST a keyboard, because I’ve heard good things about the Studiologic Sledge, but that’s a synth with a keyboard. Similarly, the Prophet Rev 2 is one of the better keyboards out there today, but it comes with that darned synthesizer attached to it. I mean, if you want GREAT, then the Roland D50 and Yamaha DX7 have some of the most highly praised keybeds of all time, but you have to buy a retro synth to get them.

If you want decent keys without too many frills, a Nektar Panorama T4 will do you (49 keys). I remember you were asking about sequencers recently too though, and you can get the Arturia Keystep Pro (49 keys) which just came out, and has enough sequencers built in that you could make a full song out of just playing and sequencing on that. Similar for the Novation Launchkey, which comes in 49 and 61 note versions.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll look into those


Never done the live lark, but been practicing today, love the Vermona Perfourmer


Dude, I’ve literally been waiting like almost 10 years to see something like this from you. When I’m off work I’m taking a close look/listen.


its only 30 seconds :rofl:


well that close look won’t take very long I guess then lmao (totally didn’t notice that at all)


goddammit, Novation has the Mono Station for €275 new…and now Polyend has reduced the price on the Medusa (and updated it)…


The MonoStation is awesome. If you haven’t, take a good look what the sequencer can do if that kind of thing interests you. Even just as an analog mono synth it sounds damn good. The filter overdrive and then three distortion flavors after the filter in the path. All the parameters have plenty of sweetspot to explore. Also has some ballsy knobs.



Did all the arm brackets come with your stand/rack, or did you purchase them and if so where from?