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Think the last thing I cleaned was a scruffy little QY70 somebody gave me


Anyone just get an email from Dennis of 2CAudio talking about basically a split in the company? It was pretty wild to read something like that.


I only got one right :joy::joy:


Moog’s new coronation street synth, and all the usual internet influencers telling you How good it is yet they won’t be using it once the film stops running.


eh I’m kinda meh on Moog right now anyway. Even if the workers implored us not to boycott the company, they are trying to unionize citing a disproportionate number of firings/layoffs of PoC and women.

Most (but not all) of these influencers kept pretty silent on the matter when it was brought to their attention, or blew it off :eyes: Guess the gender and paleness of the ones that blew it off :woman_shrugging:t2: Bo even said he doesn’t “get into politics on this account” but said he’s all for unionizing (unions are big in nordic countries), at least.

Not that I was a super huge Moog fan anyway. It will amuse me which ones get shiny new Moog toys to show off with smiles and abandon after its done.

Got a 61 key keyboard bag that wasn’t too expensive. I may or may not be doing synthy/keyboardy things with my band vs bass guitar things. I offered, basically told the singer “if I can learn X or Y song” on keyboard I’ll tell you to feel free to search for a new bass player if it’ll be easier than finding a keyboardist :rofl:

Considering some of the songs she sent me as a “this is the stuff I want my band to sound like thing” included Carpenter Brut and she likes Gunship (and of course I love dark synth/cyberpunk) this just might work out…

I highly doubt the K5000S would be my go to board since it’s fairly specialized, highly likely to use my Keylab 49 mk2 and MacBook Pro, unfortunately (hah), since I am not looking to drop hard money (or let alone have) on a big workstation that’s typically used by stage keyboardists in rock/metal bands. Or plug the Keylab into my Maschine+ - I don’t want to go nuts here and drag around say, my RackBrute/Minibrute 2S and/or Proteus. We actually have some sort of workstation and digital organ at the rehearsal space that I could use if I wanted to. I think it’s a Korg or Roland, I’m not sure.


I’m not even trying…


I’m all for unions!

Last night I started watching a British TV series somehow related to the miners strike in 1984 and I was happily throwing insults at those characters who were strike busters and scabs.


Thought this might crack some of you up…


Why don’t I have that tshirt?


Cos its not black.


And we’re finding out that someone on my floor at the office has COVID…


QUICK! Lick their door handles.

(That’s not code for anything I just mean the door handles. As Freud said, sometimes a door handle is just a door handle).


Hainbach is very cunning, in his Moog Mavis review at one stage he pairs it with his OP-1, however his OP-1 is missing two buttons, I know teenage engineering pride themselves on the OP-1 build.
At the end of his video his closing words are I will be pairing the Mavis with OP-1 in the future, I think he said this knowing teenage engineering will be watching and cringing, “quick send hainbach our new OP-1 field”, very cunning hainbach I seen straight through that one :joy:


I was in a union for 25 years at the steel works, all I can say is after observing 25 years of a unionised work force my conclusion is the lazy bastard who doesn’t want to do any work always becomes the union representative and they always collude with the management to feather their own nests.
The union I was in lost me 30 grand :face_with_head_bandage:


I see this kind of shit all the time in so many places. There are other ways out of unions to also do this. Lazy good-for-nothings. I set up rules in my mailbox to auto bin their stuff. Be useful or fuck off.


so my 2019 MacBook Pro basically shit itself trying to run Bitwig + Pigments on all but the lowest voice count patches. Granted I was playing quickly w/ long-ish release times, but still. It drives me fucking batty when the CPU meter on the laptop says 18% and a DAW’s DPS meter slams to 90-100% and I get crackle city.

I hate computers sometimes… maybe I will try the Proteus 2000 after-all :woman_shrugging:t2: Or maybe it will be better with a proper interface and not the built-in headphone jack…


It might help to see if your DAW has an audio driver. On my system, the FL Studio ASIO driver works best. Part of that is that it allows for close to half a second of latency with triple buffering, so that might not help for live situations, but it could still help you without an audio interface.


No ASIO or ASIO4ALLon Mac, we have a real inbuilt audio driver, for what it’s worth. Low latency VST performance but it’s still WAY worth using ones interface drivers.


Ah well, cheap $50 interface for the drivers it is. I keep a focusrite 2i2 that was old when I got it on ebay 4 years ago around for the occasional trouble shooting or “oh I need to record in this other room” moment. It’s a good tool to have around.

Also my driver situation has always been messed up because I insist on only using my interface for recording and then doing mixing and mastering through a dedicated DAC/amp setup with its own set of drivers, and now also Sienna for headphone correction and roomsim. All of that is absolute driver hell, and probably part of the reason I had to upgrade my PC this year.

Do as I say and not as I do.


Same. The FL Studio ASIO has been my best friend for some time now. I’m not sure what the common wisdom on ASIO for DAWs on Windows is anymore but anecdotal the FL Studio driver is the clear winner.