The Hardware Megathread


I bought one of these and zip tied it to the back support cross beam on my A frame stand.

I added a few multi plug USB “chargers” and it’s good to go.


As cute and smol as it is, there is no way in hell I am I don’t see myself paying $28 for two attenuators and/or a mixer and/or a panner. And I thought Koma made me salty with their $12 “attenuator cables” :eyes:

I guess it is pretty versatile, though, and I could toss a few into a drawer at the workstation…

edit1 I can do this:

the passive attenuator is just a 100k potentiometer between the jacks XD

Edit2Also saw how to make those little LEDs with a jack on the end of them. I should have known it was so simple, and companies charge $10 for those things o.O I want to make a bunch of yellow ones for the K-2, now :smiley:


While unable to sleep or even feel tired, I got a weird feeling to check my RackBrute. So I did and the ground wire for one of the rails had pulled out of the screw terminal at the power board o.O I need to cut them shorter so there’s less tension on the connectors due to the bend from the bus board to the power board…

Spooky feeling o.O


I’m so good at soldering I might be able to fuck up that one too.


Also, Launchpad Pro arrived and I didn’t even have time to plug it in…


All the gear I bought during the lockdown sat unopened in its box for months before I even checked to see if it would turn on out of the box.


after that I definitely considered just removing the screw connectors and soldering the wires. But now it’s all taped into the case with 15lb double-sided tape. I never even considered the possibility of the wires backing out of the connection. I took a picture as best I could and the rest don’t look great.



I really am impressed with all ya’ll that mess with melting wires together and such. I’m only brave enough to cut my own PA cables lol.


Just gotta get in there and do it.


PCB to make a TRS MIDI adapter board with a switch for Type A or Type B. Stereo headphone splitters are probably a lot cheaper XD

I always wondered/speculated how we ended up with two multiple “standards” vs one (and I’ve seen people claiming the MIDI people have now picked type A as standard, and I’ve seen claims of type B lol…) Line 6 started it all with A, but apparently some companies went the other way for reasons unknown (did they just guess or pick at a whim? XD)

And apparently Expert Sleepers uses “type C” which is a TS jack (and the OG Beatstep). I read in more places that A is the official standard since 2018 so hopefully moving forward this nonsense will be at an end. Thankfully I only own type A devices and have no interest in anything with type B.


I’m really overcomplicating this. My future plans are a Disting EX to replace my Pamela’s New Workout and it has a MIDI breakout board in 2hp but I only have 1hp so I was looking to make a DIY 1hp panel. 3.5mm jacks that small are hard to come by (I’ve seen them on one or two modules)

…I can just wire a 5-pin MIDI DIN or 3.5mm TRS to the wires and connect them to the back of the Disting and be done with it. Drill some holes big enough for the wire to use the 1hp panel as a hanger so it isn’t stressing the pins on the Disting. I got this.

Edit1Wasp arrives tomorrow instead of today despite being at the local dispatch facility :unamused:


The S2400 will not send clock to the 3.5mm clock out jack if it’s externally clocked even if you tell it to in Sync Settings :eyes: Well damn, I was hoping it would pass the MiniBrute 2S clock its receiving over USB :expressionless: I guess I’ll have to let the S2400 be the master, then, which is fine. I just like the big Play and Stop buttons on the 2S :smile:

I suppose that frees up the USB Host port for something else.


I failed to get anything going with MIDI DIN :joy: The S2400 and Minibrute 2S just would not talk to each other no matter what settings I used. Probably still user error, but oh well. I really don’t need an analog clock out anyway tbh. It would have just been a “nice to have” sort of thing to sync up the SQ-1.

Edit1 In unrelated news, I somehow have three usernames on the Isla forums, but one username logs into an account with a number at the end of it and the wrong email. I can message the account I want to use and get email notifications for those messages, but if I try to use that email address to sign in it gives an error saying it doesn’t exist… well okay… and if I use 'Koldunya" to reset my password I get an email at the wrong email address o.O


That should teach you not to use other forums…


Done with the jam station until I sell a few things. I can’t wait for work to end…

Next goals are to swap out a few modules and wire the patchbay up so I can sample anything into the S2400 and maybe the various external inputs of the synths to use their filters, but I might just leave that out since they’re all so easily accessed.


To be fair, that looks like a lovely setup!




thanks! if it was all spread out I could stand easier, but I don’t mind sitting in my comfy chair and everything is readily at hand. Switching the S2400 into Multi Mode for pitch while on MIDI tracks I get a little 8 note keyboard on the pads that I can set individual pitches for, it’s pretty great.

Funnily enough, I can easily make the Minibrute 2S, K-2, and Wasp drone if I want them to. 2S turn up the attenuator knob, K-2 just patch Env Out to Trigger In, Wasp just flick a switch at the VCA Env to Hold. I don’t think the Pulse 2 can drone. Or I don’t know how to make it so. Maybe somewhere in the mod matrix. But funny that I still have an ambient drone machine XD

I forgot about not liking its filter all that much; raising resonance destroys the low end and makes it sound super thin. It’s why I put it away in its box with plans to sell a while back. It’s just not the most amazing filter, if serviceable as one. It sounds fine if you don’t want to push the resonance, and there are three synths right below it that will FSU with the resonance anyway :smile: it sounds good at other things and was really just an extra/nice to have at this station.

It’s an analog synth with no analog inputs :eyes: but will actually convert MIDI to CV and Gate at both V/Oct and Hz/V

I never really used the 2S this way, so I had a tuner listen to all of them. Every synth but the 2S was essentially spot on. The only synth that cost what I paid for the 2S, back when they were $650 new, is the Pulse 2 I got for under $700 new. It costs the same now as both Behringers. Apparently there is a VCO trim screw I can adjust but that means removing it from the setup and getting at those screws. As it stands, the Global Tune parameter knob is about 10-11 o’clock for C and the rest to be in tune, so I’ll just deal with it for now.

edit1 actually the Wasp tune knobs are a little wonky, too. K-2 is rock solid, and the Pulse 2 is DC0 anyway.


Fun fact: it took me a over a year to figure out how to tune my Matrixbrute. Just lived with it for all that time. It was in tune with itself, IE all the intervals were good. Issue was playing with other synths, you could tell it was off by a good portion of a tone. Got used to it until one day I needed better filter tracking so I broke down and googled how to calibrate it.


I found a guide on Arturia’s site, including how to calibrate the V/Oct portion, too. But right now Global Tune has it in tune with everything else it’s playing with, at least. It seemed pretty common on their forum for the Global Tune to not be at 12 o’clock.