The Hardware Megathread


Yeah, this friend only ever visits once or twice a year so by the time I show him all the new gear it’s time to go home lol, he loves electronic music but is not studio savvy hence why I’m going to focus on simple pieces of kit.


That’s almost exactly the details of my friend and I’s relationship. He got me into dance music, but I’ve always done more with production (he with DJing and throwing parties) so its like his setup only half works to begin with, so I have to fix it then add my shit lol.


I have a lot of friends like this.

“Chase when you’re off tour can you reconfigure my rig so I can use it all again”?

Never not tech-ing


“Wanna come by and jam” translates to “Wanna come by and help”


LOL. Yes.

Not raggin on this guy because he is one of my best friends but he used to have me over to teach him how to use Logic, which I don’t know how to use in the first place, but then he would always bust out the Colombian marching powder and 15 minutes later I’m like: “Ok, dude, I can’t even use a computer anymore we might as well go to a club/party” lmao.


Remember to turn on the English subtitles in the video:


I am not looking at MC 707s…


I was very disappointed with what they seem to be on paper. Menu diving to only be able edit presets (more or less)? and doesn’t it force/encourage you to have all the drums on one track from pre-defined kits? That’s my memory of it.

Edit: Current “should I 707?” thread.


Attention people in the US–Sweatwater is selling TD-3s for $89 before shipping. Fortunately, the purple one isn’t on sale lol.


Damn thats some cheap lsd


I would swoop if I didn’t already have the Roland boutique one and am still questioning my impulse purchase of a Sub37


After having played with one for a weekend, I’d be hard pressed to get rid of it if I paid cash and could afford it. I haven’t played with very many Moogs but I was surprised when I sat down at it and was like “woah, there is a lot going on for a mono synth” …not like there are tons of hidden functions or menu diving. I ended up tending toward overdriven/distorted kind of lead sounds with it but again I probably spent about 3 hours playing with it over a long weekend.


Friday night my friend turning up but we hardly got anything done, it’s been that long since his last visit that I’ve amassed that much new gear we just fell down a rabbit hole of too much gear syndrome.

He’s visiting again next Friday and this time we have a clear plan, we’ve got a Get Carter sample in the S2400 and the mission is to make a drum n bass track with that sample only using the S2400, at least with one bit of kit we can keep focused.


too much gear syndrome? oh no, what’s that?

between this and GAS apparently I’m a hotbed of disease.

Where my GAS/TMG vaccine?


It’s a thing, but grooveboxes are the cure!


Moog Sub37 has arrived, new to me. The lead singer of Wovenhand dropped it off to me in person, that was… unexpected.

OSC 1’s 4 way octave switch is not working and I did some forum digging - apparently this is a common issue.

I’ll be having Moog send me a couple to swap out.

Annoying? yes, but not the end of the world.

This thing RIPS.


Do elaborate???

David Eugene Edwards rules so hard. Saw 16 HP twice (and Wovenhand once) a while ago. Absolutely out of this world, that was.


Denver is a small town, the fella I bought the unit off of plays guitar for Wovenhand and Planes Mistaken for Stars. I paid him for it, and had him hold for me while I was on tour.

Apparently Chuck (the guitar player) was selling it for Wovenhand so he dropped it off at my place upon my tour ending.


Nice one :slight_smile:


Amazon in the US is selling the current Electribes for $320 and $340, synth and sampler respectively.

This was before “Black Friday” as well.