The Hardware Megathread


I did start a track that isn’t a remix last night : )


Speaking of remixes, I have one coming out Friday…


Ok, so I’m loving Nux Analog Delay on my Mono Station For the money it sounds damn “analog” and I like using it on low delay times, high feedback, mix to taste on low-end sounds. Had it for a while but not really used it much until recently


Not sure what to do with them, but surely a bargain…


Make Wagamama cucumber dressing. Tis amazing.


sequence the shit out of those cukes Auto!


So that’s what Midi 2.0 looks like




I don’t understand why sampling is a “dead art”…I get the legal problems are very real problem even for “bedroom” folks just posting things to SoundCloud or YouTube but the pure joy having an iPad with the YouTube app strapped to the inputs of a good sampler is just fucking magic (I mean, not forgetting all the great iPad apps I can feed the sampler with as well). You can go down these totally random crate digging rabbit holes if you get stuck and find little bits of things to use here and there. Fuck. Sample the god damn commercials they make you watch.

Went from getting stuck on a beat tonight to a couple “ah ha” moments when I came across the Pulp Fiction sound track. That samples aren’t even used in an obvious way but brought the whole thing together.

I came to this forum like over 10 years ago asking about the Electribe ESX and ya’ll said “yo, fucking buy that shit and get started.” Its been fucking weird with ya’ll and that’s why I love you. So happy to be back to one good sampler, sample sources, and a mono synth strapped to a few trusted FX units.

I feel like I’ve zeroing in on “the music I am supposed to make”…it kind of feels like when I was nearing finishing my thesis in grad school…not that my career is finished but finding my voice…and like my thesis that voice is coming from a lot of varied places…

I was just listening to a podcast interview with Four Tet (thanks to @RFJ) and I really felt a lot of what he said about playing weird and unexpected things, bring lots of varied sounds together. It is probably marketing but I really miss the days when DJ sets weren’t like, ok you bought 20 tracks from the same genre tag on Beatport/Juno.

Why can’t I open with Welcome to the Pleasure Dome…transition into some disco and funk and end up playing AC Slater by the end of the set?

Do you. I’m going to stop apologizing and do me. (edit): and that means ya’ll gonna be hearing some raw, cheesy, fun, dance shit.

/weird light night stoner rant


You did sound like a stoner posting but you hit a few good points.
A- Roo should release more music and think less;
B- I had a massive crisis earlier this year about how I should sound, got my stuck in a rut. I decided to just find a song I liked and do something along those lines, a few months later I had an EP ready, maybe the best automageddon to date;
C- sampling is fun and it’s not just about the standard hip hop way of sampling a whole phrase and chopping it, you can take bits here and there, at our level it doesn’t matter;
D- comfortable gear helps; it is not about daw vs dawless or any of that shit, it’s about finding a setup that helps you going and doesn’t get in the way; if you’re like me, very little focus and easily distracted, too much gear will stop you, some others are now creative when they have more options

Ok, I’ll finish my coffee.


I have a random question: which currently produced hardware synth has been in production the longest?

I want to say microKORG, but you could say that iterations of the Access Virus and Nord Lead are still being made so…idk…

Nord Lead series - since 1994
Roland Gaia SH-01- since 2010
MicroKORG - since 2002
Access Virus - since 1997
Arturia Minibrute - since 2012
Waldorf Blofeld - since 2007
Korg Volca series - since 2013
Waldorf Pulse 2 - since 2013
Novation Bass Station 2 - since 2013

The reason I’m asking is because I’m wondering how many of these ^ generally well liked synths are going to be new classics in the…oh, say 2030’s 2040’s. Y’know, when having a 60-70+ year old synth dinosaur will be kind of impractical.


I would say Microkorg since it’s been continually produced as its own thing. If you want to include the Nord and Virus as a series, though, the Microkorg is just a repacked MS2000 engine :eyes: (but that’s still 2000)


I think all of these already ARE classics. I think all of them have been hot tickets that have come and gone multiple times, all of them have been used by artists to make good music, and about half this list is stuff I would still recommend to someone who wants to try hardware synthesis and doesn’t know where to start.

Whether/when any of them are ever going to go for Minimoog/Jupiter money, who can say? If UDO went out of business today, I fully expect Super6 prices would go through the roof over the next few years, but I don’t think it will be a classic regardless of what the company does until the synth gets in the hands of musicians that make music with it that can’t be done with anything else. That process just taakes a few years usually.


I think the original Novation Bass Station is already a classic, both rack and keyboard version.
The Virus and Nord Lead as well.

I kinda have a gut feeling that some of the 90’s romplers will wind up being hailed as classics at some point as well, especially the Roland JV/XP series.


My Emu Morpheus and loaded Proteus 2000 are offended by this. XD

On a more serious note, once upon a time I had a Roland MC-909, a huge groovebox that could host XP ROMs. It was pretty great.


The Mc series was great!

I still have a half broken 505 in storage but my fav was the 307.

A Virus Ti landed on my desk yesterday, I ended up getting it for cheaper than I planned, £720 instead of £745/£750. It sounds great, some menu diving but the key parameters have knobs.
Also, up to 16 parts…


Have the JV1010 half rack, which is my most used synth.


That seems like a great price for that synth your mpc says “feed me”


I never got around to buying one. Been wanting one since they came out. I have a nice chunk of change I’m waiting on so maybe I’ll finally get around to picking one up along with a couple of cards when it finally hits my bank account.


Naturally I’ve managed to misplace the cable that I used for my battery pack to Maschine+ when the weather is beautiful :unamused: This is my life. XD