The Hardware Megathread


I was still living in and around Detroit when it first started coming together in the early 90’s, and one of my old buddies/coworkers, Gary Chandler, really pushed the sound to where it is now with the way he mixed Miami Bass, Hip Hop, Detroit Techno, Technobass/Electro, and House together in his radio mix show. What I find really crazy is that most of the clubs are still playing that old stuff because there really hasn’t been a lot of new tech coming out lately.


Are there any places I can find his or others mixes online? Old ones/new ones? Really interested in any resources at all. Labels etc? I basically know DJ Assault, DJ Godfather and DJ Funk and that’s about it.


Gary Chandler is considered the “Godfather of Ghettotech”, but his mixes stretch from old school funk, hip hop, house, techno, and ghettotech. Other cats off the top of my head would be like WaxTax N Dre, DJ Fingers (from Detroit), DJ Assault, DJ Godfather, Disco D (RIP), and Kim James (sometimes).

Artists would include also Starski and Clutch, Mr De, and Disco D (I know I’m forgetting some cats), but at the same time a lot of joints that might get dropped in a set come from Detroit Techno/Technobass, Miami Bass, Chicago’s Ghetto House or Baltimore’s Bmore Club releases, even some LA Electro Funk (The X Men and DJ Unknown/Unknown DJ), so DJ Deeon, Johnny Dangerous, Cajmere/Green Velvet, DJ Slugo, Brian Gillespie, DJ Rolando’s “Knights of the Jaguar”, Aril Brikha’s “Groove La Chord”, Aux88, etc.


I’ve got a large record collection from the 90’s, however about 10 years ago I sold some off, I’m gutted I sold a Galaxy II Galaxy on UR the one with the little picture of Bruce lee, I could buy it again secondhand but it would cost 4 times as much and not be in the pristine condition mine was.

PS still got all my Red planet’s thank god


I saw that too and gauged my eyes out.


This is great, plenty to to get me started. Thank you.


I’ve sold exactly two records to date and instantly regretted both sales. Granted, I got a buttload of money for one (the original pressing of Vanilla Ice’s “Play That Funky Music” on Ichiban Records with “Ice Ice Baby” as the b-side), and although we needed the money at the time, I probably should have kept 'em.

I always meant to pick up more Red Planet releases. I have The Martian’s “Prayer Stick” and “Stardancer” but always wanted to grab as many as I could find.




I can relate LMAO


Well, because I love my cats, the Digitakt is gone. There was an emergency vet bill. Fair thee well dear friend! And I didn’t even get screwed by the pawn shop. I feel like I won out, actually (for a pawn shop).


my Monomachine is gone for life reasons, too. I never did get another before they got discontinued and became silly-priced :frowning:

But the cat is okay! (right?)

I want to say this is a godless world, but it was their machine to fuck up lol. But that ad for what to do about it for others and that price lol…


The cat is OK : ) the truth is kinda gross but I’ll boil it down to she had an infection on her face near her eye, but she is good now with the antibiotic shot!

Yea, I like to customize gear I’m probably going to keep for ever, but damn dude…don’t pretend that shit is pretty lol


My last cat got an infected tooth when she was about 17 or so. Had a swollen cheek one Friday night, when I went to take her to the vet the next morning, it was the size of a golf ball. Abscesses are gross, but she recovered fully and the tooth was removed, too. It was scary to see it “leak” and the aftermath (they shaved the fur away), but it filled in as it healed and became covered in fur so was invisible pretty quickly and they assured me she wasn’t in pain despite how it looked.

And yeah, I just got a faceplate for my Cycles and I’m good with that XD I did almost have my OG Octatrack painted purple once upon a time but never went through with it. I like to mess with things on Style Flip sometimes but have never pulled the trigger on a vinyl skin, either. I’m scared I’d mess up putting it on straight or get bubbles lol

I might get a red screen for my Morpheus to match the faceplate design a little more, though. It’s a very ugly early 90s green color. But I have to convince myself it’s worth the $60 and I haven’t been able to, yet XD


I… have a sampler-rich portfolio. Maschine+, S2400, OP-1, Octatrack, MPC (which I’ve just been too out of it to sell off). Yamaha TX16W that is unable to read RAM so it won’t boot, sadly. At one point I toyed with a SP-404SX. If the mkII has pads vs buttons it would be more tempting (does it?). Volca Sample kinda counts.

Yo dawg, I heard you liked samplers…


Pets will scare the crap out of you with medical stuff for sure.

Up until today I basically had half samplers as gear, DT, M:S and SP-16. I have to say that while it looked cool mounted on a monitor poll, my studio already feels like I can breath a little more. I had too much gear.


If you have more than 1 cat, insure them. Expensive but once the shit hits the fun it will be worth it.

I’m annoyed that the 2 Virus Ti I was looking at and that have been sitting on Ebay for months have now gone. Once I decided that I would buy one of them, they were both gone. Classic.

I’m done sampler-wise, as in ‘I have the sampler I need’, I’d love to try Maschine+ but there’s no point getting more samplers now.

Also, another EP is completed and now out for mixing, will look for a label next…


I know we have looked into pet insurance before. Usually, we have a decent emergency fund for house repairs/pets, it just happened to have been dipped into lately. With us taking some of the outdoor/feral cats to the vet occasionally we should really get it.

That stinks about the VIrus lol. That would happen to me too. I stink at finding deals and when I’m ready they are always gone.

Likewise, I really only “need” the SP-16. But I want the M:S around so I have a little Elektron in my life, as a treat.

And, @Auto-meh-geddon, please release another EP to embarrass me into putting out something officially.


I found a little scrap book where I used to note what I payed originally and what I sold them for on eBay


Ive not purchased a eurorack module in a long long time, however this will be my next purchase


Oh that’s how it works. Well ok then. @Auto-meh-geddon go go go :smiley: