The Hardware Megathread


I agree with the other guys, that looks great!


when you need a separate closet to hold all the Decksaver covers when it’s time to play…

Thanks everyone! :smiley:


I’ve been trying to avoid getting into soldering, but it seems both my retro gaming and my music would be enhanced by it. Possibly computers too. I have to budget a modest setup, but it might be time for me to take the plunge.


soldering with a TS-100 changed my life. Heats up in seconds, the size of a large pencil, and can run off a battery with the right connectors. Can even get a little case for it to carry around tips, solder, a sucker or wick, and an RC battery even. I repaired my Roccat Nyth (gaming mouse) which they no longer make, because Roccat used a shitty “3 million clicks” life microswitch for the buttons and I used left click a lot. Now it has a 20 mil switch and I wish I’d just done the 50 lol. I’ve soldered some eurorack kits, too.

Might as well do cables, next, though I’ll leave MIDI DIN alone.


Get a few XLR under your belt and you’ll be fine with DIN. One of my first project was building xlr to DIN dongles to run midi over snake lines to feed midi clock to stage. Works great at short distances.


My wife just made a huge mistake:
Me: Native Instruments really wants to sell me the new Maschine…
Wife: Maybe you should listen.

This is dangerous territory


I’ve seen a Maschine+ and MPC One play nicely together (Knock Squared). I imagine a Maschine and Force could be friends…


I’ve been toying with the idea, but with the current state of the Force, (and I keep finding out things I didn’t know I could do) and while still learning a new synth, Maschine is the last thing I need.
If I would though, I’d go for the normal version, I can’t see the benefit of going for plus.

On the other hand, I can’t give up the idea that a Tempest or a Rytm would be great for me.


I actually turned on the Plus earlier and was able to just jam without a DAW going. The software for this Focusrite is pretty great, way easier than MOTU’s and certainly RME’s…

But yeah, it’s like it was with my MPC, I’m… right here at the computer. A few clicks and I could just be using my Mikro mk3 or a full mk3…


Didn’t you have a RYTM about 6 months ago?

Anyways, I’m in the same boat, firmware is version .26 on the Super 6, I’m still finding the occasional bug and reporting it. And Osmose, whenever that comes, will be quite the synth to learn (and probably also have a few bugs to work out). So I’m holding off on anything major probably for the rest of the year.


Give or take a month…
That one was for flipping, bought stupidly cheap and sold for about 300£ more, I keep an eye out for things like this, mostly on Facebook Marketplace.

It didn’t give me a great impression but I pretty much only turned it on to check it was fine and all was working. Flipped it quickly to make the most of the mkii draught.

The one I’m eyeing now is a black mkii for under 1000 so in case I could still makes something out of it.


USB shits me… so many things need it, and motherboards come with a small amount that’s fine for most people, and then you get all these wonderful devices where the manufacturer is all “lol plz use onboard USB does not work well with hub LOL!” and this includes fucking Elektron about Overbridge, while they SELL A FUCKING HUB DESIGNED FOR IT.

Huffs. Rant off. Just been having fits with USB devices lately and remembering why I liked DAWless in the first place… Maschine, DS1, 18i20, keyboard and mouse, Launchpad, MIDI controller, I tried putting the keyboard and mouse on a hub and the keyboard, the freaking computer keyboard just shut down after lighting up, as if the software doesn’t see it anymore. The mouse works only on one port of the hub. It’s powered. Maybe it’s bad… flash drives seem to work, huzzah I guess… one port on my old Overhub is just dead, too :woman_facepalming:t2: maybe I should just buy another overhub…

edit idea… buy a PCI usb thing and plug my PC peripherals into that… leaving more on the board for all the fussy pants stuff.


weekend plans…


Still haven’t won that battle to be allowed to hang acoustic treatment lol


these panels tend to look fairly innocuous when done like this, vs the obnoxious pyramid foam. can color coordinate with the room decor, etc. I built the bed I sleep on and a guitar pedal board so I’m sure I can handle these. I’ll probably even have the hardware store make all the cuts for me so I can just screw it all together and not worry about borrowing my friends saw XD


Actual monitors and maybe panels are things I’m saving for the next house


as much as I wish I could recommend these Eris E8s, one is noisy like random digital interference and I’m probably replacing them down the road…


It is more that my partner thinks they will ruin the paint job. My weirdo techno cave is where I keep all the decor she doesnt like lol.


That’s why I love my trusty old QY700, analog mixer and R8 recorder. That and I prefer how my music sounds than when I used a DAW.


Something like that would likely avoid the problems of a hub.