The Hardware Megathread


Nice one dude


I’m not saying my music is the shit, that post read pretty arrogant. I just shoot to compose in a way that makes the mixes work.


I got ya 100% Learning to think about frequencies while composing was probably the most massive game changer in this electronic music adventure for me.

As you, not trying to sound arrogant, but I imagine its a bit like writing an orchestral piece. There is no EQ so you have to think when and what all the instruments are playing to make it work.


Beethoven totally used a pultec and overstayer followed by an 1176. Look it up.


I haven’t turned on any synths in more than 24 hours and I feel bad about it.


Damn. American public education failed me again.

Thought some of ya’ll might be curious about this.


aw. Power on the Force for a bit?

Neither have I. I’ve been furiously building and rearranging. I took a break to see family for lunch and went back to it. desk is built, now for more building…


I actually look at this desk and think I don’t want to spoil or crowd it out. ITB with some MIDI controllers sounds good. But I’m also massively mentally drained and the thought of wiring is a huge nope right now lol


These rack rails are absolute fucking garbage. Getting bolts into them is a complete shitshow. Against my better judgement and others here I got the matching monitor stands are they are just industrial looking. The metal was welded and ground out visibly, has sharp edges in places, they didn’t even paint the thing when they were done welding the pieces. I don’t know if this is normal or an oops, but every piece of the 5-6 of the stand is like that.

The finish on the desk looks gorgeous. The grain of the birch still comes through some for a slight two tone thing that I love, and IKEA sells KALLAX in grey with exposed birch I might look into.

The sidecar is so customizable it has so many holes that my mind shuts off just thinking about assembling it…


I’ve never seen (well, read) anyone more excited about a desk than you.


I like decorating XD

edit well I’m done not hooking up power… I knew I should have sprung for the 10 foot cables…


It’s always the cables. I bought a new pedal last week. Stereo in, stereo out I should have that laying around. I’m going to need 4 new sets of unbalanced stereo cables to permanently wire it into my patchbay. 2 sets for the send/return, 2 for patching to and from the send and return.

And for the first time last night I was playing a multi-timbral patch on the Prophet Rev2 and thought “I really wish I had separate outputs for these sounds right now so I could send only the bass to the reverb”. Add another pair of (longer) balanced stereo cables to the shopping cart so I can wire up the layer B output of the Prophet.


Yeah Ludwig was a pioneer of the Pultec lowend trick, as he was deaf lowend was the only thing he could feel in music :sunglasses: , i often wonder which Pultec plugin he used, ive always used the UAD version but because im slowly getting rid of UAD plugins ive been using the Noise Ash one lately.


I urge everyone here to learn how to build your own cables. Buying cable and ends in bulk is a big money saver and getting the lengths right is AWESOME for cable management.

2 Years ago i got ~300ft of multicore cable from a studio that was liquidating, its 8ch of TRS cable, 30 bucks. I’ve built both snakes and interconnect cables with it. On amazon I found a shop that was letting go bulk Amphemol TRS jack ends so I scooped them up.

Its literally saved me hundreds of dollars.


I dipped my toe in with cables for my PA…defo worth it!


I just looked at Redco - my custom snake would have set me back $90.

I paid less than half that and have resources to build another 4 or 5 of those.


I’m likely removing some of the little plants XD or painting their pots. or both. I don’t know, yet.


Vewy pwetty! :slight_smile:


Looking great!
Now I see why you were so excited!


Not sure what happened to the pic, but here’s my Maschine+ in the shot…

I still have to build the Sidecar which is a little complicated and not so straightforward since it can be built configured multiple ways (lots of holes…). And this long weekend is almost over, and I have a lot of mess/untidiness to clean up, too lol.

edit still not quite enough room to get the K5000S out permanently. I might just bring it out on special occasions until I get a bigger space to put it out on a stand. I still have an idea or two about it, though; the keyboard tray obviously, but that’s kinda last resort and it might be slightly too large anyway.