The Hardware Megathread


the 18i20 defaulted to 192 samples and 48kHz. I set it to 44.1 and tbh I just enjoy changing settings on this thing a lot better than the MOTU PCI 424. There’s a little toolbar widget that tells me things, and I can launch the software to change things from there, and it listens to my DAW if I make changes there. No more weird low and slow notes at random :eyes: And I should easily recoup the price. Latency is under 5ms at these settings :smile:


Just slap a really dirty overdrive on that bass and you’ll forget about all the boxiness. Mixing is for chumps. Distortion is for champs.


I lost my distortion abuse mojo, I’m aging.


I don’t even have a soundcard on my desk at the moment and wouldn’t know what latency my shitty Behringer soundcard has if it would hit me on my face…


I have an old, dusty Tascam 488mkII I’ve thought about going completely DAWless with. But probably much more of a pain than it’s really worth, but I might do it a few times for a goof. I have a Tascam 414mkII that I do use, mostly used for cassette sampling. It plays at twice speed, so I pitch the sample down an octave for a little sampler mojo and a nod to the old days of records being played at twice speed.

I can’t wait for my S2400…

I was listening to a song today that I’m sure was Analog RYTM on drums (as she’s using one in the video, could be samples from an Octatrack, though, or the Analog Four) and we were talking the other day about 808, 909 sounds, etc, and I remember once upon a time wanting a RYTM. There are so many good drum machines out there that aren’t 808, 909, 707, etc. Elektron, Vermona, I saw a Russian one on Perfect Circuit once I thought about, Jomox stuff. I actually wanted a MBass and MBrane for the longest time…

If I had the money for an 808 or 909, I’d get something from the other companies and something else nice, and probably a third nice thing lol…


I only use about 3 EQ plug ins in a project if that lol



programmable synth thing…


I actually use a ton of EQ nowadays, usually multiple instances on each channel, plus on effects sends and such, but first thing on every channel is a distortion of some sort. It’s like Lawry’s seasoned salt - a bit goes a long way and it never gets old (I am a terrible chef by the way never let me feed you).

But whenever I get lost, the move is to either compress the hell out of my problem sound or just quit pretending and distort it like crazy.

I had a mix for a friend last fall, live alt/punk which I have zero experience with and tons of bleed on all tracks to boot. The thing that worked was doing some light distortion on each channel, gentle EQ to mix it loosely, and a short slapback verb to just emphasize the live feel. Everyone loves that mix. I could probably take all the EQ out and it would sound a bit worse, but it would still be 80% of the way there. So yeah, distortion did all the lifting on that one, and I’m trying to let it do more now.


In my latest tracks I used a ton, so each drum sound had an eq, and each audio track had an eq.
It is super annoying, but it does help.

I try to plan around sounds and filter before hand, but something is still needed, mostly to clean up thing rather than surgical super precise eq.


A controller for one of my favorite synth plugins might be nice and it’s on sale…

I’ll probably never justify having a real Prophet 5 XD


says the mastering guy.

…oh dear.


Is this for U-he Repro?


I used to EQ the shit out of my tracks like this. These days I just chose/design/choose octaves and notes so I don’t need as much EQ. I feel like it leaves tracks sounding lifeless. Not saying my mixes are the best but I get in more trouble the more EQ I use.


and Prophet V from Arturia (the one I have)


I’ve never been a fan of dedicated hardware controllers for vst synths.
But then again I used to love Maschine so maybe I should just shut up


When I get a new laptop if no one in my family needs my old one I’d consider getting that controller to use U-He Repro in standalone. It is my favorite VST of all time. And like @Koldunya I’ll probably never own a DSI Pro 5 and certainly not a vintage one.


I bet it can be used for anything with a similar enough layout


All the packages arrived! Assuming nothing is damaged (and reviews have had damaged pieces that were replaced quickly) operator reorganize is a go!


Heh, EQ to me is for carving when you missed bits earlier in what you’re doing e.g. cutoff in synth sound design or for overall picture. Worthwhile for making sure tracks don’t leak elsewhere but if you’re overdoing it then to my mind you’re not paying attention earlier in your process. Not saying I get it right, just saying that’s how I approach it. I’d really rather do it at source than later on if I can.


I eq the shit out of client tracks to shoehorn in poor compositional decisions. My own compositions, not so much.

Smart composition makes the mix go so much easier.