The Hardware Megathread


I spent $50 on a bluetooth 60% keyboard instead. It’s not bad, brown style switches (kinda wish I’d gone red again…), though the LEDs are slightly mismatched in a few of them, as is tradition for cheap things with RGB LEDs… Nothing at all related to music’ing really.

Unrelated to hardware, Bitwig 4 beta just announced. New feature, Operators, gives Elektron conditional trig type things :open_mouth:


Uh oh. It imports Ableton Live projects now (and FL Studio but who cares). The Akais can export to Ableton Live… Another excuse to get a Force…


Hammer head and Rebirth were like the two first things I sampled. You know, other than fart sounds.


I care… : ( lol long time FL user here ;p


That sentence is incomplete, the Force can export AND IMPORT Als files.


Fruity Loops, Fruity Loops, obviously aimed at teenager, real DAWs have real names, like Live or Logic, even Reason.
Magix Music Maker anyone?

(Said that, I have FL installed, just haven’t used it as I can’t be arsed with a daw, but I’d love to try the Fire controller)


Good you can switch to Bitwig more easily now :stuck_out_tongue:


Two of seven pieces arrive Saturday. The Output Platform desk is three. So I can still do fuck all until next week. This is a godless world lol…


Will we get a picture of the finished station?


Today I’ve been ‘working’ with the IPad next to me, I forgot how much fun Groove Rider was, it even has wavetables now, makes me feel like looking for a cheap Electribe 2.
Or I’ll just sample the shit out of it.

But it is also giving me ideas on how to approach the Hydrasynth.


Yeah I plan to show it off a bit once it’s all said and done. Turns out only two pieces are arriving late. But which two :thinking:

I’m debating on a monitor mounted above it to just show me lovely/inspiring pictures, and I want to put a few finishing touches around it vs just cramming as much as I can onto it. I want it to be a place of organized peace and not chaos.

My Focusrite arrived today at least. Now I can stop fucking with that wonky MOTU driver…


speaking of the focusrite… this thing is not used. it came in an outer box perfectly sized for the inner box, and the inner, focusrite 18i20 box is sealed o.O A brand new Scarlett 18i20 3rd gen for $400…


Was it from the focusrite b-stock division? I got my 18i20 mk2 and my octopre dynamic from them. I had a few screws loose on one and a small scuff on the other, but both work great and I got excellent deals on both.


Sam Ash and if there is something wrong with it, I didn’t notice it when I installed it in my temporary rack


Did I bit of a test track with the Hydra, not going overboard with any modulations apart from envelope and lfo to FM depth on a bass.

Everything is from the HydraSynth apart from the kick, and all sounds are quite simple, which mean I could have easily gotten the same sounds out of the Microfreak.

And I still can’t help hearing some ‘boxiness’ on the wobble bass, nothing eq couldn’t fix.

No effects on the synths, apart from sidechain and a maximiser slammed on the master.

That reverb is really nice though…


that lead sound is my jam… now I don’t feel so bad about how “up” or even “bubbly/happy” my beats sometimes sound :smiley:

I’m starting to wonder if buyer’s remourse is starting to get to you more than anything? You haven’t had it for very long, though you do like simpler more immediate synths from what I gather. I could just make you tweakable presets if/when I finally get my hail Hydra(synth) and then you’ll be back to simple station XD

But seriously, I think it sounds pretty great.


carve out some 250-300-ish, that’ll get you there.


re-listening, that lead just makes me happy lol.


I think it is a mix of buyer’s remorse and ‘trying to put everything in a patch’. Working on this track, too happy and upbeat to be an Automageddon track, made me hold back a bit so I guess that’s why I enjoyed it more.
I will check what I did with the lead, but I think it is just the snare sound without noise, so it would be based on a triangle


Mixing will be the death of me. But I’m starting to enjoy it a bit more, I usually go for a gentle roll off on the low end and carve out the mods. I didn’t this time as the focus was the mostly raw synth