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it’s about balance and tuning but it’s really easy to fix it. If you check your mixes and you have too little bass, turn the volume down on the sub and keep going lower until your mixes sound right. I’ve had to do it in the past, but I used an RTA. Now I can do it pretty well by ear.


Pots being the knobs?


have ya’ll fuckin been keepin up with gamechanger audio? motor synth is releasing this year (hard synth with 8 actual servos serving as it’s oscs) and they’ve just unveiled their light reverb, which is a spring verb but also an optical verb. not even sure hw it works but it sounds dope af and looks beautiful to boot. also the rack mount plasma unit adds a shit ton of features, i think over the next few years you may end up seeing those become standard in any top pro level studio with a strong budget cuz it is such a unique flavor of distortion.

i may have to start robbing shit to afford a motor synth tbh because goddamn if that thing isn’t the most industrial looking and sounding synth i’ll eat the world and puke it out

also earthquaker is getting into eurorack lol, peep that afterneath module [eyes emoji eyes emoji sweat emoji 100 emoji eggplant peach you get the idea]


I have been paying attention to their pedals, and I do think they’re cool products and a cool company. I definitely keep an eye on what they’re doing, I just find that I don’t really use effects sends on my hardware like I thought I would so I don’t have a need for them yet.


How’s the Force treating you?
I’m slowly clicking with it and when you’re in the zone it’s great


I got external midi going on it last week, which has been fun to do as a proof of concept. Not plumbed into my audio interface yet (I take it off my rack and bring it to bed when I want to use it), so not done any recording or sampling yet, beyond what I imported.

I have a pretty good track going, was going to try and learn automation this weekend so I could have it be a bit more like a DAW track with filters opening and doing nice fades from section to section. I feel like they missed a trick, because what I tried this morning was making a CV track to see if I could route that to internal paramaters and then launch that CV clip whenever I want to adjust, say, all my filters or all my effects sends with one clip. No. It only goes to CV outs and can’t be routed internally. I can see how making it so that automation has to be tied to a clip makes sense, but it would still be a cool option and I wouldn’t have to copy/paste the same clip over and over at different lengths to get reasonable automation speeds on all the parameters (IE, I want my filter to open over 8 bars, so now my synth track has this one 8-bar clip when everything else in the project is 4 bars). Having separate automation would really help in those situations so I don’t forget and launch the next clip too soon. Plus, I’m not sure you can modulate effects parameters at all (at least there’s no obvious way to do it). I almost always use external filters for my filter sweeps so that I can run my synth through effects and the effects get filtered too.


Yep! 3 of them are super wobbly. Easy fix but annoying.


I’ve read similar advice on mixing without subs. My 8" monitors never shy away from my bass needs, but maybe some genres could benefit from one? I dunno.


The virus was built like a tank, must of had some use to have wobbly pots.


their Plus Pedal has been on my want list for sometime, the motor synth looks great but wasn’t really making any sounds that made me want one.


Not really hardware but just listened to the new Billie Eilish james bond track, its a great song but i can hear digital clipping on the vocal after the 03:15 mark which I’m very surprised at (maybe its a youtube thing?)

Sorry back to hardware, hurry up Korg lets hear the OPsix, they reckon superbooth.


heres the guy who had to get rid of his sub (@31:10)


It’s kind of a double edged sword. On the one hand, by using a sub, you can take the most demanding frequencies off your larger driver (8 inch in your case), relegate it to upper bass and mids, and lower distortion in those lowest frequencies some (like why a lot of studio engineers swear by 3-way designs as opposed to 2-way). And, by being able to position your sub freely, you can minimize the impact it has on the sound at the listening position by moving the modes around the room.

OTOH, adding a sub means adding a crossover filter, and that means you need to worry about phase issues at the crossover point. And the crossover has to be usually between 80 and 250 hz, where there’s a lot of important things happening, so you need to get that crossover really, really right. In normal multi-driver speakers, this is taken care of by the manufacturer, but when adding a sub to system after the fact, it’s on you unless they’ve specifically developed the speakers and sub with each other in mind.


it might have seen some abuse, as the Filter balance is the worst, followed by the program knob and data1.

its fine, will be back to tip top in no time!


Since you guys are all on about subwoofers, this synchronistically came out today.
Ken Marshall seems super cool and I’ve been a big fan of his works for ever, I love his channel!
You guys should check him out.


havent watched this yet but as a huge Skinny Puppy and Download fan I’ve been watching this channel closely.


Oh sweet, I’ve been subbed for a few months. Liked his piece on compression last week, legitly didn’t know there was a difference between FET and VCA compressors.


I couldn’t help noticing the Electrix Warpfactory vocoder, gutted i sold mine (red module top of his wee rack)


A few things about automations:

  • At the beginning of a clip automations do not reset so if you switch from a clip with a massive delay feedback to a clip with no automation, ht feedback level will still be where it was at the end of the previous clip. A quick ‘list’ event will sort this,

  • Volume automations: For the same reason above, volume automations can fuck up your mix, so do not automate the mixer volume (at least until song mode arrives) automate the sample or instrument volume

  • Drawing automations with your fingers is fun;

  • Pretty much everything can be automated

  • somewhere in the preferences there’s the option to record automation buy pressing the record button instead of having to go to the mixer page and turn on the automation recording button.This can be a blessing and a curse as I forgot about it and recording a lot of mute/unmute/pan automation…


Put together a walkthrough and demo of my Eurorack Livecase. First video is the walkthrough and short jam, second video is the jam only should you have no interest in the other stuff. My original goal with the modular was to do a generative ambient setup. I quickly found out, that’s not actually what I want to do. Over the last 5 months the rack has morphed into what you see here. It’s basically a live improv industrial techno rack that I’m super stoked about. Very minimal pre planning with the jam, only basic practice with the patch, pretty much created on the spot with the exception of tuning.

I know we have a eurorack thread but all my peeps are here so, yeah…

Walkthrough & Jam

Jam Only